Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today

Church got cancelled

I think the freezing rain was supposed to turn to rain. But it looks pretty sleety, or freezing rain coming down.

I have been nesting in our room. Willem helped me put in brighter bulbs and added a lamp and moved the ac s into the small room so I have more room for reclining in my nice chair by the window.

I vacuumed the dust bunnies and tidied some of it up. I took down a couple of shopping baskets. I want to stop using plastic bags. I don’t really like the dollar shopping bags, either, so I’ll make some more of the right shape. The New England basket is good.

I found a patch of red ozier dogwood on Naderlands Doorp Island. 🌴

Camelot to Ben!

Why did my typing change when I added that palm tree?

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