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So I’ve been down at Naderlands Doorp, and have been taking pictures of the waterfalls.

The big waterfall is roaring beneath the ice.

The small waterfall alongside the house is not running today.

I went around to the bottom and took pictures of the ice. It’s mostly melted, but it’s still pretty cool!I discovered the other day that if you wear crocs, they do FYI k to the ice when you walk on it, even if it’s wet. But if it’s too slanted, steep, the weight doesn’t land on the foot properly and you can flip. No frozen waterfall climbing please. So that’s where the waterfall disappears beneath the ice. It runs along the base of this fence I think. It was so nice to see the sun turn on the colour! This one isn’t very colourful. Aren’t those warm colours!I wanted to just stand and look at them for awhile. Looking down across the end of Serenity Dippity Pond. Horseshoe island. There’s the pond! Isn’t it lovely!The far bit is taking on water from the rising Stream. Bare trees against the blue sky look the same as they do all year whatever that’s the case.Apricating on Horseshoe Island

Tags: moat, naderlands doorp
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