Tuesday with family


From the looks of my posts, I haven't written in my journal in awhile, nor uploaded any videos to youtube.  Where have I been?  Gosh I had a lovely day.  It started out with playing the violin by the stream while the sun pretended it was going to rise.  It really is the coldest moment just before the sun rises. I didn't see any animals down there, except a couple of chickades who nearly took my nose off as they flew.  

I heard a couple of crows, bluejays, chickadees, ruffed grouse and a pileated woodpecker.  I've surprised the grouse in the alders there several times this winter, but this is the first I heard him drumming like a car that won't start!  

I headed off before Wm to visit teach my friend, then he arrived to home teach.  I picked up D from A's as well as the grandbabies.  I took D over to S's.  The babies loved seeing the goat and having some toast.  They sure do like pbj sandwiches!

I came home with the wee ones and came up onto the deck.  I pulled trees over across the openings where the kids could explore down there where danger lurks.  It's much nicer now that they can't get off the deck, even the ramp is baracaded.  Desi drove his trike around and round the deck, enjoying the total freedom of being able to just pedal leisurely around, navigating between trees and other 'vehicles'.  Maya wanted to push him, which he didn't want.  Typical!  So I referreed.  how would they work if out if nobody refereed?  Someone would get hurt?  Big kid wins?  It's easy to be compassionate if you don't have to sacrifice something you really want!

They played outside and then inside.  We had blueberries.  They liked jumping on the couch.  I timed them.  They let me sit in my chair and look at a book, sticks and stones, for 11 minutes!  I thought that was amazing.  They were both tired and were laying down.  But they kept popping up.  So finally I put them in the car and went to get gas.  Then I took them home after they'd had a little sleep.

Just after I arrived back home alone, Abe and Dad arrived.  I took Abe over to see Daniel.  They both liked that.   Little Bruno is so sweet.  I held him on my lap for awhile, till my arm was totally limp and in pain!  LOL.  Heavy baby goat!  He wears a diaper.  It's so cute.  He's just adorable!

We came home for awhile, then Abe wanted to go back to see  Daniel and pick up the flute Dan had given him on our last time over there an hour before.  

We didn't stay too long.  It was nice being over there.  Abe sat at the table, but then there were so many voices laughing and talking and the music was loud enough to add to the noise. I think it was too much for Abe, cos he went outside and wanted to go home.

So we are home again.  It's so lovely outside tonight.  Big 3/4 moon waxing.  I love it!


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