Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today

Busy lovely day

6:30am I was on the balcony taking sunrise pictures this morning.

Then I fed all the birds and squirrels and the deer and wild turkeys. I sat there Watching the sunrise. We have birds!!

I’m listening to birds in all directions around me as I sit on top of this hill. A flock of crows behind me, a gaggle of geese heading north. Can you imagine, heading north in being here in February! Spring isn’t here until April. May are the first flowers!

There are chickadees and blue jays as well. Then I heard what sounded like a warbling vireo, but it’s only Feb. so maybe a rose breasted grosbeak? But they are t here yet! A robin? The first robin in Feb, albeit the 28th.

I Wana work on this tree bench, but the wood and logs are all frozen to the ground!

Have you seen my sometimes waterfall? It's amazing! It ran for the sixth day Today!

You are driving dan and abe to Ottawa. Unless you want to stay with the kids.

I’ve been reading the scriptures in the Gypsy cabin.

Have you met inky and binky?

Okay, we are just about to arrive home From Ottawa. Give Desi a few minites to ride his trike

I have been driving Daniel around a lot lately. Lots of trips to Ottawa just lately. Had the wee ones today, too.

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