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These little children are so sweet and adorable.

They certainly do make me feel alive! I’m trying to keep up with them, staying on top of things before they become crises.

However, perhaps standing back and letting some small things just happen and watching how Desmond learns to deal with having a dead end on plan A-road.

I’ve been trying to help him learn to deal with things that don’t go well. He is at an impasse, where he is following a plan, and suddenly it’s not working. He has a meltdown.

Sometimes these meltdowns involve a lot of screaming. So I told him today, after screaming like he was screaming, that next time he screams I’m leaving the room and every time he screams I’m leaving. He needs to use his words. Like you have to go back and teach them what they already learned when they were two.

I love writing in my journal when I dictate! The thing is, I don’t usually have the opportunity to read what I am dictating at the time I am dictating it.

Desmond and Maya are riding the trike and running around the stem of the house.

I dressed Maya and put her in the car, then Desi rode his trike nearby and flew up into his car seat as well.

We drove to the beaches, and stopped at the rapids on the river between first and second beach. Desi’s eyes were dropping as he watched the rapids. He was fast asleep by the time we got to third beach.

Willem drove Abe home while I cared for the children. This has been a whirlwind week. Driving to Ottawa three times, driving Daniel to his siblings’, chilling with each of my five adult kids.

So he kids are asleep. Maybe I’ll go chill st Scarlett’s after I drive around the lake.

I keep seeing birch logs that are about the size of the canister I am going to make.

I saw some small trees where they will be mown along the roadside. Good to know where to find things when I am ready for them.

There are seven Snow Geese circling over the lake! Amazing. I’ve never seen a flock flying low before! How amazing!

A bald eagle or osprey attacked another eagle or large bird like a turkey vulture I wondered what it was sitting on the ice!

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