Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today

Sunday sunrise

I sat on deer meadow hilltop facing where I thought the sun would rise.

I had on two long skirts, two long-sleeved blouses, a loose thick top, a long down-filled coat, mittens and a hat along with thick homemade knee socks and slip proof crocks.

I took along my violin and wore two thin poncho blankets on top.

At 6:18am I got into position. It was after first light, between dawn and sunrise.

Slowly the sky brightened behind the tree line, my horizon. I faced the bright spot, but eventually there was another spot that got bright, where the sun actually was.

The trees between me and the sunrise changed. I was used to coming down and looking at the forest, through the forest actually, to see the animals go by. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a deer when I’m out in the woods sitting. 40 years of that!

So just like how people get invisible at a certain time, the trees become invisible to me. I was in the collective forest, enjoying the collective feeling of being in the forest, but I was not noticing the trees, who live there day after day, where they did the same thing every day. Or do they? I wonder about the process of feeding other trees where the carbon comes down in the DNA from this tree and runs through the my psyllium layer of funky to that trees offspring. You know, I think that if I want to plant a bunch of trees, it would be good if I took the seeds of a tree nearby. That way my new trees, get that, mine would be nourished by the mother tree. So I have a hypothesis. If I plant the seeds from those birch trees, will they grow better than if I bring birch trees from the side of the road somewhere else? Perhaps, if the mother Tresa live somewhere else, my psyllium being such a connecting force, and the intelligence of which seed came from which mother tree, there must be a lot of stuff going on all the time in the forest. Just like a mother at home goes to the refrigerator, Makes dinner, serves it to the family, especially the children, is just like what’s happening in the forest. Mothers are aware of all their children, only one out of 1000 seeds even get anywhere.

I know that was a long wobble the run-on sentence, but I’m sitting here in the car getting warm trying to recall the experience on Sunday morning of watching the sunrise.

My truck was writing these things down, or even dictating, stew phone. I have trouble dictating when I’m in the house because Willem is always nearby. I feel I want to be in private when I am dictating into my journal. Willem would never make fun of me, but I just feel it’s an unnecessary interruption in his life. I would also, when I wake up in the morning, love to go in the big room and play the violin. But I don’t because I would wake up Willem. I would love to sit on the steps in the yard outside and play the violin at six in the morning, but I don’t because we have neighbors. I have no idea how far my sound travels as I play.

When Desmond was riding his tricycle around the house 1 million times the other day, he would stop beside me where I was sitting and asked me what was his mission. So I came up with many things for him to investigate, the amount of snow left under a certain group of trees, and many more things, was it colder on the side or that side, where is it windiest is it windier on that side or the side. Anyway, one of jasmines missions was to investigate where are you could hear my violin playing from.

He discovered that he couldn’t hear it on the other side of the house.

So that said, now I know if I am on deer Meadow watching the sunrise, the neighbours can’t hear it. Or at least, that’s what I’m hoping.

I found though, that when I played my violin in the spot yesterday morning, I was getting the feeling I might be making this sound go tour the other house in the distance by the highway. However, I never hear any noise from there nor do I hear from across the road except if they have on the radio. I can really hear the radio. Sometimes that’s nice but it’s not loud enough to understand, so it’s not as nice. Anyway, I sat there with my feet on the violin case. I took one blanket and wrapped it around my feet

The sun rose and I began to see the green leaves of the hemlock trees. They were so beautiful. So small and feathery and vibrant green.

I kept turning around and looking to see what part of the forests had sunshine on them. At the beginning, I could see the colour returning to the brown trees of the forest on the other side of the hollow, across the highway. Slowly it reached lower and lower down the tree trunks. I looked around me at the tree trunks, the white birches, and saw that some of them were illuminated all the way to the ground. So I move my chair into these spots of sunlight. Just before the sun had risen, it had gotten very cold and windy. It was so cold and windy in fact, that I considered going home. Just before the sunrises is the coldest time of the morning. Actually,Unless it is part of the front, the thermals are created as the sunrises. That’s an incredible of Mount of heat just spread across cold earth! Or to spread across the clouds

Those thermals that are created, I saw and try to figure them out. As the sun heats the air above the trees, before we can see the sun, that he did their rises sucking up into its place more of the cold air. So, it gets really cold.

I was wearing more clothes that I wore when it was -20, or about the same. It was so cold at -4.

Surrounded by the trees, each of whom I felt gratitude towards for doing the boring job of standing there in one place for years on end so that I could have shelter as well as of course all the animals. I appreciated the trees, and then as the sun rose, I felt such gratitude that the sunrises every single day it is never missed a day. It doesn’t rise late it rises exactly the right time every day day after day after day. It’s something that you can have absolute faith in. It’s something unchanging it doesn’t matter with the political will iIs, or what the people think, the sun signs all of that irrelevant. It just says pricing and setting thing. Actually, we rotate. But the sun being constant with it’s gravity that holds us in close enough to it but not too close, reminds me of God.

He is always there. He is the same, it is way better moving not him. His spirit fills the earth, or his light and his intelligence. It’s what we all tapped into stuff like that comes with the sun. Plus more. Lights the way through the darkness. Place for our minds are into the light into the darkness and into the light again.

The whiteness of the low land, had changed. The sun had changed everything. The black-and-white was no longer black and white, it’s amazing the colour of the sun gave.

If the sun up there above the clouds creates these thermals then why does it suck to the cloud up out of its place? Why doesn’t the thermal win then blow the clouds to submit them? I would go for that in the winter. Is there a purpose to the winter clouds, I mean, are they protecting protecting the earth?

The water cycle which is evaporation and cloud formation and rain and evaporation, how does that play out in the winter? I mean, alveus Lee there more clouds and they’re thicker. Why. Is there like a divine design to the reason that it needs to be that way in the winter,? Is it to hold the heat into the earth, to keep all the plants alive? If there were no clouds in the winter, although he would leave the earth. That’s when you have those very very cold date nights and days. When there is no cloud cover. Or perhaps it’s the opposite.

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