Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today

Monday with family

I thought I should go for a walk when I got up, as I was pretty stiff from eating crackers and bread.

I don’t know why I do these things to myself when I know the consequence. It’s as if I’m always testing to see if perhaps the consequence is not still attached.

I went over to allied us, to chill for a little while before she had to do something. It was very nice to be there. I brought in my violin, and tried to play some of the songs that Jasmine knows.

whenever happen tonight shows we used to watch when we were young, like even sesame street I don’t see it too much anywhere anymore. And what about Mary Poppins?

I went to Scarlett afterwards, and parked at the end of the lane. I like parking down there, because I get some exercise when I walk from my car to her house and back. I need to get exercise. I can’t just go from chair to a car to her house.

We had a lovely breakfast together. She makes the best steel cut oats, oatmeal with raisins and cinnamon. I think she even puts maple syrup in it. Yum.

I was pretty sleepy this morning I guess. It’s nice to watch Bruno grow. Scarlett explain lots of things to me about the rabbits and where they live underground, and what the inside of their ternal looks like. I thought it was just a random long passage way, but I see that there’s a lot of thought that’s gone into this.

We talked about why the earth is covered with clouds all winter. I thought that was really interesting to discuss.

I came home afterwards, planning to walk in the door, but decided to come inside instead.

I made myself some hamburger and peas, and sat upstairs to eat them and watch the news.

Elijah came! I was so glad to see them. They are such adorable little people. Their family is all moving in in a couple of months. So we are having a good look at that

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