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Nancy Today

Tuesday morning sunrise

Waiting for the sun to rise, I am facing the gypsy cabin.

I don’t usually look at the Gypsy cabin, for a view. It’s rather ugly. It’s just enough shelter to keep out the win and the wet.

So when I came down here the sky was pretty dark. I couldn’t see any patterns of clouds and blue up there. In the last few minutes, I realize that this guy was changing drastically. Perhaps it’s because I was trying to see in the forest oh folders. I mean, that would be a natural thing to have happen looking at dark and then looking at light and the light doesn’t look the same as if you look at the bright first.

It’s good to be doing this every morning. I forget that I need exercise. I forget how important it is to walk and swing my arms. But the ground has not been safe. It’s getting safer now, but not everywhere. And so I am walking slowly and tightly. Holding myself in case I fall. However, I think what I usually try to do, is let myself be very limp, so that the ground is not far away 54.

I really don’t know much about this area. I haven’t sat and studied it like I have set and studied other spots. I like the backyard of the gypsy cabin. There’s something interesting about it. I like the windows on all sides. Of course, I can’t see the windows right now the windows look as black as the cabin. I also cannot distinguish the edge of the cabinet from the berm behind. The darkness extends across them both. However, the yellow grass, is a touch later shade of gray then everything right above it. Down beside it at the edge of the bottom of it is a pond. A small pond, just a postage stamp front yard pond.

I wonder if this pond could be turned into one of Nice ponds with a good used, like for frogs and whatever those backyard ponds people have are for, like the ones that are because it’s really a swimming pool that they’ve lined with foliage. I don’t know.

Anyway, I was looking at this the other day and thinking I could probably plant will though, birch trees, but boast of all, rushes. Oh rushes. The Hollow Street round kind that have a few Little stars on top of seeds. I need a place to grow that. Along side the edge of the moat ring would be OK too.

The sky is lighting up at more if I look in the other direction I can see a little bit. But nothing but that the camera would pick up.

I really love coming out in the morning to watch the sunrise. I spent two hours the other day and Sunday morning watching it and then seeing the changes. You see, why I have chosen the spot to watch the sunrise from, is that when the sun rose in the east I turned and looked the other direction to see if it was on the treetops. The first three tops I sought on we’re the ones nearby, I think. However, maybe those were the trees on the other side of the hollow going up the steep hill. I don’t know these things.

Abe didn’t sleep last night, he got into dad‘s bottles of Coke and at 5:30 this morning he was up. Along with all the lights on.

As I look around here, I see the canoe where we dragged it. It’s quite a good spot for the canoe actually. I am curious now, as I can begin to see into the bottom of the elders nearby, Koon at the corner of the road and the entrance to the gypsy cabin.

I can see a different colour on the ground behind the clump of alders. The snow which is not why, but some form of gray which is pretty light. Next to that is a smooth dark gray surface. That’s ice, water recently frozen ice. Ice like that is different then the ice it’s been there for the winter. This is melted melted snow runoff which is not frozen all the way to the ground. Hence the difference colour of it.

Behind the gypsy cabin, I have my stash of real though which was cut last year. I need to bring my second tours, or those little clippers down here and get those ready to plant, or harvest some of the other ones and make baskets.

I generally make a basket in the spring with the new Willow. No, I said generally, but really in route, in reality, I have only made probably three or four Spring baskets. It would be nice just say I had been able to do one every single year, but my life hasn’t been like that. I haven’t been here in the spring for well I guess six years I was in here and I’ve been back for true and I had my hip operation and was confined so let’s say seven years as a long time and of course, before that my back and hips were going downhill, I’ll be at slowly, but I didn’t do much.

I love that I have ideas. I love that I am always trying to improve things around me. I really love that about myself. I guess other people do it, actually every single person does it. I am probably one of the mosPlanting things that I want herBrightness of the sky have done whatever it is they do to my eyes.

Behind the gypsy cabin, I think there is a patch of Joe pie weed. There is no such thing as a weed. Every every weed is every plant to plant the herbs or plants and the ones that you don’t want our plants they’re only a weed if you think that you don’t want it

Did I tell you about my experience on Sunday? Earlier as I had watch the sunrise, I had wondered about feeling the love of God, and how long you have to how far you have to walk on the straighten arrow password before you reach the tree of life and come partake of the fruit thereof which is like the move of God. It represents the love of God.

So how do you feel it? And the answer came to me in Sacrament meeting. I glanced over at somebody and I have a feeling of love towards him and when I had and when I had that feeling of love, it was like a river running through me a beautiful nourishing river or stream a happy Stream that was running through me and towards the other person. And it radiated from me like a sunshine and the love was coming out of all my energy.

And so I learned, that in order to feel the love of God the best way to feel it is by loving other people. As soon as you feel love for someone or, even an animal, the love of God flows through you. I should study about the love of God charity.

The gypsy cabin is no distinct from everything around it, almost. I can see the edge of the gypsy cabin except for a few inches maybe a couple feet on one side in a little bit out other side but actually I can see the gypsy cabin now. I’m sitting here in the black chair facing this way, and I have been having new questions.

Where are the deer? Do they live in these elders? Are their tracks in there? What is it that makes its bathroom in the gypsy cabin? Is it a mink? Or mine?, Weasel?

I can now see the pathway I’m going to be walking when I go into the orders. Just a little bit into it the sky is brightening up, it’s almost as bright as My ear has gotten cold. I felt a bit of a breeze. Today I wore a warmer blanket. I didn’t want to freeze up here waiting for the sun to rise.

It is now white enough to easily walk and pretty will see where you’re going.

Things I hadn’t noticed, the cheapies, the chair in the woods, the patch of ice in thBroken over short grass. I mean, about a foot tall instead of the canary grass. I think it might be a different variety. I will get the book and I will take samples. Andethe ice on the little pond. Well of course they are the same color. Daya! The ice is only illuminated by the sky, which is therefore a reflection, even though the pond is dollet. It has gotten laid enough, that I was able to get up from my chair and walk down to the overflow. I was kind of looking to see if there were more Autre slides. That t drwas really cool to see you the other day. However, Audrey is going to circuit. I’m glad we have a lot of panseared to keep them busy for a while, unless they just go down the stream right past us.

As I walked along the mall road, I looked in the woods through the alders to see if there were already some places that could be pies. I did find a few. I will work on clippers here with me.

I looked around to see how much of the area

The TP at Sedgemeadow.

It’s now 8 o’clock and it’s brighter than the Dawn but it’s not evident that the sun has really risen. Perhaps I’m going to unfriend mean when the sunrises.

I spent some time in the alders behind such room behind the gypsy cabin. I just cited I

I have been going around and cleaning out bird houses and relocating them. Many of them are on branches that have died and broken off. They haven’t been there that long, three or four years maybe.

So my have never been used! So those of all been relocated. It’s good to see what places they want to be and how close together they will dare be.

I walk through the alders to see how far it was to the let it rock pile. I decided that I need to start the cleanup of the dead alders nearest to the let it rock pile. I need to clean it up in the alders so that I can have pathways, and so it becomes a nicer place. But let it rock pile then has the branches where the animals can go.

I realize that the owners on the other side of the stream, always call the Stream Amber’s, are used to make mini many things. They were used for the structure of the greenhouse, which is a giant upside down basket, and they were used for the tempo, which was a long garage over the lane, and they were used to make furniture, and to make a play structure in the yard when we first moved here, and many other things that I can’t remember at the moment. I use them to waive the walls of Sedgemeadow cheapie.

My phone is going to die. So in the meantime, until it does, I will just continue to journal. I decided to relocate one of the empty bird houses to a loan tree trunk just behind the black soil ring. That is near where the TV is going to go by iceberg pond.

You know, I’m really creating something wonderful down here in the snow land Dorp, nature lunch door. I’ve been trying to focus on the gypsy cabin today and the areas around it I have had a very lovely morning watching the sunrise which never showed up. Late to its own sunrise! Sunny day sleeps in the morning. He doesn’t know when the rise. Anyway this is one of Sunny days vacations I guess. I should be grateful that the clouds are keeping us warm! There’s a few snowflakes coming down as well.

I love these times when I go and watch the sunrise and as it rises and I just cover things. I love to sit in different spots and focus on different things. It gets my whole attention going when it is something new. So to sit and look at a new area which is untouched, I can really get some good ideas.

After sitting on the Adirondack chair along side iceberg pawn, I walked along toward the overflow, but then decided I shouldn’t bother on all this ice. I went back to the Jell-O pie TV where I relax from all that walking on the ice. I still had to go back and get the violin which I had left in the chair facing the gypsy cabin. So I did.

I stayed in the doorway of the gypsy cabin and surveyed the sunrise, which was so well camouflaged behind the clouds that you would never know it had happened.

I opened all of the cupboards in the gypsy cabin and then left. I have not clean those cupboards out, and although they are just filled with Dusty dishes and pink insulation, I suppose there are a lot of mouse droppings another road things involved in there. I left them open and left the door of the cabin open andAnd just left. I didn’t want to breeze in any of that stuff. I figured if it stays open for a while, it will be safer to go and clean it out later.

I went to the stream, and pulled out my chair which is hanging in the tree in case of a big flood, found a level spot and sat down. I played my violin. I feel such gratitude for the stream and the peacefulness of it. I sang the Lord is my shepherd. He latest m he latest me beside the watcher clear or still.

I enjoyed sitting in that place playing, but I had to take one mitten off in order to have my hands ready for the violin. Darn. But I played beautiful music, and try to make the violence and beautiful.

I think that should be my next goal of my violin playing, my goal has been in the past to find the right notes and youe and play them. Making my notes beautiful, or the song is beautiful has only been happening for a while. I’m at the new edge of that.

I got so many ideas about bridges and things while I was down there this morning. As I stood on the ring of iceberg pond, I realize that I just needed a 16 foot long bridge and then I would have access to the other side of the pond and the hills. Anywhere beyond the outlet of the pond, is too wide of just just wet grass.

I came out the lower entrance and stop to look at the water. I did take the opportunity to sit, as my body doesn’t seem to feel like doing anything I wanted to do today. I guess I’m having a bit of a flair.

I look down at the two or three chairs along side the end of the stream at the Culver and decided to go down and retrieve the plastic white one which looks like it’s no longer frozen and ground or the ice. I had to place it a few times before I found one that was steady for all four legs.

I sat there and study the cedar tree that has fallen across the stream. A chainsaw would make quick work of those branches below it. I think that I need to fill that tree and perhaps one of the branches along side it, and create a bridge across the stream in that spot. Very nice idea. It’s not too wide. It goes to an island and then across.

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