Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today

Tuesday’s child

I cared for my little grandchildren again today, and had a lovely time.

I didn’t have too much energy, as I am dealing with a lot of pain from the bad eating I’ve done, so I sat in my chair in our bedroom, with the laptop and Desmond came and played with his toys on the bed beside me. He is working with Lego type toys now.

I didn’t have as much trouble corralling them, as Maye slept for the first while.

I gave them rolled up ham slices and Desmond wanted a grilled cheese sandwich, which willem made for him. Willem burned it, but Desmond ate it anyway! I can’t believe it, he’s so picky! How could eat the burnt grilled cheese sandwich?

I also sat in the living room humble chair and watched them play. Jasmine worked hard on the blocks, figuring out difficult Ways for the Prince to go meet and rescue the princess. All the stairs and ramps he has to build for that.

They like jumping on the couch with the cushions

He rode around in the house and again outside on his tricycle a few times, and Maia likes getting her boots on and being all dressed up and warm.

They also like to go outside on the balcony to play.

Willem is such a good help to me. We were one upstairs and one down, watching over whomever was there with us.

I just finished driving them home. I always like to have successfully watched them, and you have risen to the occasion!

So, all the spread stuff I’ve had for the last few days was a bad idea, and has compromised my knee knees.

As I dictate this injury, I’m sitting by the roadside in town. I’m amazed at how many cars are heading down this road. It’s almost like there’s been a train crossing, but that’s the other direction.

I usually like to get out of town immediately, and take the back roads, the country roads. When I go through town, there is so much going on, it’s not as much fun.

I I am so happy that the family is moving into our house 1 May! So we have 55 days to get the house in order. So maybe we can move some bit every day, and eventually we will have the upstairs ready for them. I don’t know where in the world all the beds will go! And the bins. I’ll just have to work on it.

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