Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today

Cleaning in the woods

I’ve been very busy cutting off branches and dragging them to a pile in the lower beem by the highway.

I tripped on a branch that was partly frozen into the snow on each end, and felt myself going down, so I turn to fall where I could see where I was landing, and hit a little stump from a beaver cut tree that was about 5 inches high.

I tripped and fell and lay on the snow looking up into the woods into the trees above. It was fun to do that. I didn’t bother to get up quickly.

I lay there looking up, and made a video. I really enjoy it when I’m on the ground after I’ve tripped and fallen.These are my views in all direction while I was laying on the ground. Well, actually, I had to set up to take these pictures. But I made a video while I live there.No that one looks pretty clean. There’s not much I need to do there. You can see all the brush in the edges and beneath the trees. That’s all going to get tidied up into a pile.You’ve heard of deer beds, a print in the snow which is kind of icy which shows you where the deer have been sleeping. If there’s no ice then you just see the brown.

So this is the Nancy bed and Nancy track signs that Nancy has been there Lying on the ground. When I fell, my hat came between me and a branch, which was sort of a bouncy branch. So I just relaxed and enjoyed the cushiony pillow feel of the branch with my hand on it.

This is the stick I fell over. This is the one I poked my hip on. I lay there till I could see just where I had pain. Relaxing after a trip and fall is a good idea!

I’ve been having a lot of fun moving and clipping the Cedar branches. Most of them have no bark on them, and some of them are long enough to make good pieces for railings along paths. I think that’s what I’m going to do is use some of them for railings along paths. The alders blocking the clearer pathways, the ones I could create, or tidy up. Do the alders, too which usually bend as they get any height and weight to them selves. As long as they’re tiny they go straight. So many alders lean across the pathways. Where it’s a solitary alder across, I’ll choose to create a pathway there instead of where there are a lot of them.

So that chair is backing against the fallen rotten tamarack, which is probably of interest to a few animals and birds. I made it to the stream, clearing a path way all the way. That’s such a nice change. I needed a good path clear to you to get from here to there and there to somewhere else. This will make it so much more usable. The forest is all locked up to me unless I can work through it.Some of these leaning ones are not a problem. I hear they call this raking the woods. I remember when a friend of mine said that they were raking the woods and I could not imagine so many going into the woods with a rake and rake in the woods! All that just do you treat us from the trees would create more soil, so why would you ever want to remove it. Anyway, I hear that’s what I was doing today is raking the woods without a break. Just picking up sticks and making piles, trading it up enough to walk around.This is such a cosy spot here. This is one of Scarlett’s piles when she tidied in there last year. Much better so far!more alders to pathway through!

I have several chairs where I could sit to recuperate as I worked. It felt really good to do some physical exercise picking things up and dragging them and putting them on the pile or just plain cutting them and picking them up and put them on the pile.

I guess I spent two hours out there working on that. I always take my violin with me, because I think I’m gonna stop and sit and play my violin. But it was snowing went sick heavy flakes. I think I was a bit concerned that I was going to be late. So I didn’t want to do that.

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