Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today


I just love being with these little children.

They are such adorable people. Today they were playing in their closet, Jasmine in the bottom of the bassinet, and I lifted my aunt up and put her in the top part. She just loves that she laid right down and Jasmine was down below her. So of course eventually just like happens in bunkbeds he was kicking the bottom of her bassinet. It was a very cute.

They were both asleep within 10 minutes of leaving their house, in the back of the car. I drove down one road to a nice Town, then drove around the mountain and came home on the other road. Desmond woke up after sleeping for an hour. By the time we got home and I was just woken up as well

It snowed sloppy snow today, so Desmond worked on shovelling it, which really means pushing the snow shovel over the top of the snow.

Maye pushed your buggy around in the snow. Willem pulled both of them in separate slides around the house several times. I guess it’s good exercise taking care of you

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