Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today

Plan B

Sometimes my life is so full of Plan B that I dare not do things, because plan A falls through so often!

Case in point, I had a doctors appointment at mid day, and had made that appointment thinking I could visit my little grandson in the morning.

But then we had a lot of snow. My first daffodil inside has bloomed! See the snow outside behind it! So I had to decide if I should leave early and go through a lot of snow and play with my grandson and then go to my appointment and then come home., or what variance I should make.

That would take most of the day, I think, especially if after the appointment I went back and hung out with my son who I think was home today.

So, when the snow came, I had a dilemma. There were already two new inches of snow on the ground. There is the forecast two more or maybe it’s three more throughout the day, and then more on Friday. Anyway, I prayed about it, and felt that I should not go to Ottawa early.

Instead, I went to yoga, since I had likely made the appointment for that time so that I could get there from yoga. Since I have two more weeks yet.

While I was at yoga, Willem got a call that my appointment was cancelled because the doctor couldn’t get there. I had wanted to cancel going in but had been too late about it last night.

So here I was, leaving my yoga class, and about to decide which way to go to Ottawa.

I was so grateful that I had prayed about not going to audit was this morning, and that the Lord had told me to stay here. I could’ve gone into Ottawa, and bad whatever road and weather conditions were there, and seen my grandson, but my appointment would be have to be on Nother day, so I’d have to go in again. So that saved me a trip to Ottawa.

Instead, I came home. So then coming home, I had some more decisions to make. There was fresh snow in the driveway, which I would have to walk to to go to the house to get my mittens and the thumbs to take with me to MERA to knit them together today. Or I could go to weaving. But the stream looked so nice, I just wanted to go there instead.

I walked along the road to the bridge, then sat and practiced my violin.

It was mild out. I went into the berm to see how well my tidying up had done.

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