Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today

Monday with family

The sun was rising when I got up.

I’m still in the big new room upstairs and looked out all the windows at the changes that were happening as it moved. I got ready and went outside with my violin and sat on the top of the hill beside the house. Above the house actually. wildflower Hill.

I play my violin and watch the sunrise. When I came in, I had been making other plans, But as soon as I got in the house, I thought I should probably just do a lot of stuff in the house. Needed a lot of tending to. I guess when it’s just Willem and me, things stay in whatever state I put them in, but when there’s extra things going on, extra people and toys and such, ice seem to see that housework needs doing!

I went with Lida and the children to Ottawa. We dropped mommy off at one store, and Maia and Desi and I went to find neighbourhoods that have playground structure.

We drove through several neighborhoods, and found to play structures. The first one was not really as much for little children, with monkey bars and poles.

So we found one with tubes and a slide. My woke up as we arrive there, so we all went to play. I was glad that there were big tubes so that Maye and Desmond could sit or crawl without being in the snow. They had a lot of fun. I took lots of pictures.

We went back and picked up mommy, then went to the grocery store in the next town. We dropped mommy and Maia off, and Desi and I went to find a Nother play structure. This one was a good one too.

I drove everybody home, then went in and played for a little while while mommy unpacked the car. It’s so nice to be with these little children. They’re just so adorable!

I drove home and saw Willem‘s car was gone, and remembered he was at choir. So, I remembered that I had said I would go to the empty Nester family home evening, but after driving all day, I just wanted to go relax and chill out. So I guess I’ll stay home.

I’ve been writing in my journal today while we were sitting in the car. I have so much to journal about that I didn’t mention. I have had some really wonderful experiences over the past few days. I love my life! I am so blessed to have grandchildren and to have a family. I always wanted a family!

I got out of the car to come inside, and my whole body hurt. Sitting too long I guess. Anyway, I wanted to go in and relax and stretch out. However, knowing that I was in need of walking, I made myself walk around the house a couple times. But after the second time, I wasn’t stiff and in terrible pain anymore. I am learning in my old age!

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