Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today

Tuesday morning breakfast out

It was snowing pretty hard all day.

I had stayed up too late watching seven seconds last night, so when Scarlett called me at 8 o’clock, and invited me over for breakfast, I was glad to have had a wake up call! The snow had returned! I parked on the edge of the road, worried that the snowplough could plough me in if I went further into the driveway. I like parking at the end of the road, where I can walk in to their house, and get a bit of exercise and limber up in the morning or whenever. I have to be careful of not getting enough exercise! I love the shady lane and the feeling in between the trees.

Scarlet has the most amazing tame deer! Notice the duck on the gate, keeping her feet warm and dry!When I walked from my car closer to the house, the deer just stay there near the house and eat. When I got close enough, I could see that they had moved. And baby Bruno is really growing! He’s wearing his third sweater size now. He’s been wearing a sweater his whole life, while he lives inside near the most warm wonderful woodstove ever! He such a dear. Scarlett keeps a diaper on him so he can jump on the couch without peeing on it. It’s an interesting diaper. It’s just a strap was Velcro on the ends that contains a pad or a few pads. It works very well. Otherwise, whenever he stands up he peas. And for a long time too!

He was pretty quiet today. He didn’t jump all over and run. He did go under the table and beside my chair and sniff around my coat. I brought some laundry over since our wash machine is still broken. It was in a plastic bag. I tied my keys with the strap of my keys to use as a handle, and tied it all to the top of the bag. Then I could just pull the bag from the car down the hill and up to the house. Bruno wanted to eat the plastic.

Plastic will stay in his stomach for his whole life, Scarlett said. That’s horrible!

We have a nice visit, and researched stuff in my grasses book. Fragments, I think that’s the name of pompous grass. And the decorative grass that blows like sandpipers packing at the beach, was in the book too I think. However, we were never really sure what the name of that one was.

Scarlett makes the best oatmeal with raisins! I’m not usually much of a green version. But it’s really good.

I headed to town to pick up the children after leaving Scarlett‘s. I stopped to take a short walk in the low land, just see what the snow was like, how deep it is, and be able to get a little more exercise.

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