Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today

Tuesday afternoon grandmothering

I had a nice time visiting with Desmond and seeing his Lego in his bedroom.

I enjoyed and was fascinated by how proficient he is with his little finger tips. and the amount of vehicles he had been able to make with all those wheels!

I brought the children home. I drove past our house as Maya was sleeping and Desi was blinking an awful lot. I was thinking that he would fall sleep too. He was in such a nice mood, that it didn’t matter that he didn’t sleep, though.

I parked so I could watch Maya’s sleeping face from the window. Desi insisted that she wake up, So after Desi went inside with opah, I drove around some more so Maya would go back to sleep and finish her nap.

Maya put on my shoes and hat and walked around in the bedroom. Desi found the teacher and was trying to pick things up with it. Desi was determined to wear my Giant shoes and walk down the stairs. So I made him sit on the stairs as I walked down backwards in front of him. We called Zane and sent him some messages. They were so cute sending him kisses and saying goodbye. Desi had to add some fun to the pictures we sent him!Opa drove them home around supper time. He is very careful and slow on the snowy roads.

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