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4:30 am

When I woke up I just got up, gathered a few things and came down to Grandma’s cottage.

I put a tablecloth on the table on the TriAqua Car Trail. The yellow warbler sang in the alders near the outhouse chair.

I need to plant the beans and some more peas. The moat water is so still. There are wild turkeys in the maples on the Marshwoods hillside. A veery is singing in the marshwoods bedside me. Frogs are rhythmically chirping. The yellowthroat is singing at a differest rate. Whitchity, whichity, whichity.

Peent says the woodcock. Onkachonk says the bittern. A crow caws in the distance. The pileated woodpecker’s hollow telephone pole is a drum he’s playing.

A loon called from his daily journey between his two lakes. There goes the post hitting of the bittern.

Daylight is falling into the grass. Daylight does fall and night rises. All light comes from the sky. As the sky darkens the grass is less visible than the treetops. And so night rises. Just as daylight first lightens the black sky and eventually the trees become visible against the sky while the ground is still dark. So daylight falls.

It’s the sun that’s opposite. The sun falls behind the horizon. Then the sun is said to rise. Not daylight rising. Just the sun.

5:37 am

5:51 am


I love being out here. I’m by Iceberg Pond in my hilltop chair. I should learn how to make porch swings. They are better than chairs. I think I’ll do that!

I’ll make a double glider! Ha! I could probably do that. It’s just more pieces of wood! Two benches. That’d be fun!

I can make a swing set for the Valley deck, too.

6:17 am

The common yellowthroat has been singing in the poplars nearby me the whole time I’ve been sitting here.

I’m trying to practice mindfulness. There is always so much going on outside. Inside it’s dull in comparison. No background noises.

6:22 am

It’s getting very damp whereas when I arrived, the cushions and chairs were all dry. I can feel it in my arms and face.

I love the smell in here!I need to protect these new little trees from beavers. I need to remove these dead raspberry canes.

7:30 am

I returned to Grandma’s cottage and changed my clothes as much was wet, shoes, socks, hem of my skirt...

Now I’m much warmer.

I discovered the tussock Sedge is in head. I took a piece home and looked it up in the grasses book yesterday. Today I found a lot were in head, further opened than yesterday’s. So now I know the I Florence for tussock Sedge.

7:41 am

I’ve been playing my violin in here. I have been practicing loudly. My favourite hymns, Oh how lovely was the morning and Have I done any good in the world today.

I’m glad to have this spot. I think all Alida’s life I’d head outside and to the marshwoods or the stream. The property was quite inaccessible compared to now. But I’d be out here all the time.

All the white plastic hhairs need to be painted black do they will disappear.

I need a trailer load of log ends. I would like to create a boardwalk through the marshwoods with slab on Short cedar logs for the foundation.

I should make an apple pie for the fellow that dislikes me there.

8 am.

I returned to the house where I hung out with the children. Desi played with play dough which we coloured red while I was making hummingbird food.

I startednany things but got very distracted by the children.

I showed Desi my old signs from the old deck. We hung them up on the railing. Woodpecker Paradise where I see them often, raccoon way where I often see the Nlies that live under the deck.

We made one Reflecting Pond one


I came down to Grandmas Cottage when they went down fir a nap and quiet time. I hung up the sign and the hummingbird feeder.

I hung a wooden dragonfly on the front of the cabin and painted the words Grandmas cottage and trim around the windows.

It was trying to rain a bit. I went back up and routered several more signs when it wasn’t raining.

The family came home. Soon they went up to get ready for bed, so I watched an episode of Drop Dead Diva, then came back down.


I removed some logs from underneath the bridge to the cabin, the boardwalk to the cabin. They will become the supports for my wooden pathways over the under flowing water.

7:33 pm

By serenity Dippity Pond in the zero gravity chai, serenaded by the evening Doorp concert.

Wild turkeys, flicker, song sparrow, ovenbird,

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