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I carried a handsaw down to the cedar tree that blocks my view of the

It’s on the edge of the forest, so it will be fine and leave no gap, if I cut it down.

I tried it at waist height where it was easiest, then decided I could just score it all the way around, ring, and they would just die. However, I attempted to remove a bit of bark after I cut my ring, and found out that the bark was incredibly easy to peel off.

So I spent a long time, peeling inch wide strips of bark both downward to the route from Mika, and then upward as high as it could go before it dead ended into a dead branch.

Several of them pulled off in my hand, so I was able to get all of the bark e away from the inner and outer separated.

I’ll have to go back down and finish cutting the tree down, or else I won’t be able to roll up its bark.

When I came back up to the house, using a trail through the Cedars, on Cedar Hill side, I was able to find a deer Trail and could easily walk back from there to the plateau.. It needs railings, though. There’s a lot of cedar branches that could be screwed onto the other cedar trees, to create a nice railing for the walkway, it was a real going to keep you safe.

I sent a Lida back to bed I played with the children. They really enjoyed the pile of topsoil at the end of the driveway. One side of it has been cleared of grass, and they were sliding down it.

They also played down at the play structure. Maya sat in the big chair and Desi swung. Willem went down with them and pushed them for a long time, the second time they went down.

I made a sign, and Desi vacuumed the sawdust out while I used a screw to poke all of Sawdust out of the groves.

I finished sorting out all the leftover wood on the deck, and I’m going to take down any that can be used at the studio, I will have it there ready for use.

And out of my way.

Willem dried some squash seeds for me. I’ll go plant them soon.

We were supposed to take the car in to get brakes, but I think that Canadian tire would be so expensive, so I want to see somebody else first.

Scarlett came over to borrow a few items she needed, and hung out for a while a visited with us.

I moved the chairs around so that all the tables have a set of chairs around them, so we can rotate where we sit according to the weather.

That latest one is a long table and it is placed in the corner by the Firtrees. The trees are giving off a bit of shade now! However, the one shady chair is surrounded by lots of sun.

Everybody went away, so I am now taking a minute to write in my journal while I sit on the shady deck, and watch a Robin. I saw a few B has a nest on the top of the post in the woodshed. There is a robins nest in one of the fruit trees, and I saw another nest in the tree beside it. I wonder where the rose-breasted grosbeak’s nest is.

He comes back every year, and sits in the same area and sings. He had such a lovely voice, much nicer than the robins that he imitates. Hey, wait! That’s not a Rose breasted grosbeak. That is a whirling Verio! No wonder it sounded harsher. It’s quite loud as he is in the Elmtree overhead. I hope the Elm lives some time longer. The leaves are very small yet.

The part with tiny leaves is the big overhead elm.

I’m trying to recover from all the work I have done in the sun today. But I think I need to do something more. I think what I will do now, is make two signs: grandma’s, and cottage,3:38 pm

I’m going to take the signs I’ve made down to the cabin and paint them, then stake them into the ground.

4:23 pm

It’s so nice here in the shade of the alders beside Grandma’s Cottage. The swing squeaks but that’s nice.

I have somehow managed to burn myself on each insence stick I’ve posted nearby to ward off the black flies, the mosquitoes and the first of the noseeums.

I love this little reflecting pond. It’s actually a frog pond. The first dragonfly also showed up! He flew abovt it and turned and flew and turned and flew. Good thing he was going slowly enough to still be here!

But the phoebes flew across the pond from one alder to the other, and then I didn’t see him snymore. They weren’t chewing him up, so maybe he’s over the moat.

I need to get in the paddle boat and paddle around and plant these squash seeds that I’ve just dried. Or perhaps these should all go inside I’m lonely inside edge I have to take one of my weight things and write on it and posted at the beginning.

I am relaxing on the swing. It’s really nice here. I was going to spend this hot part of the day trimming the older paths.

I’m also going to get signs. I posted a lot of signs around the property already, years ago. So these new ones are going to go out today. It sure is nice to be out of the sun. There’s a few airplane exhaust lines that have expanded to create a haze. I guess that’s not so bad.

I want to be up at the house with the little ones when they come home. I only see them at the crossroads, some days. Leaving early, going to bed soon after coming home, so seeing them, my little perk.

I should go cut some branches. At least I won’t be in the sun, and will still be able to get it done, get something done anyway. I was going to make a sign for grandmas cottage today, but I came down before then. It was just too hot there.

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