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I did an entire day in my journal, but it’s gone!

So now do I redo all of it? What if it has been uploaded and it’s online, but I can’t find it.?

I heard Maya this morning so came out to the family room where she and daddy were still sitting. He left for work and I sat with Maya.

We watched Masha and the bear, my favourite movie. They don’t have a remote. They have once again taking it away, and now it’s gone!

Desmond came down to. He was quite cold, and wanted his blanket from upstairs upstairs, but I wasn’t going to go up and get it, not with my niece.

Speaking of my knees, they’re getting much better. I keep forgetting to do my exercises, except when were raised my knees. The first day, when I do it all the exercises, it hurt both my knees. But now, I’m much better. I was able even to walk around the moat yesterday! That is quite a success, again.

My body is getting very strong all of his coughing is supposed to strengthen your abdomen muscles.

I am supposed to use a rolling pin on my side of my legs and just rub it back-and-forth. I’ve been trying to have better posture. Is that really reduces my pain. I don’t know if I’m still losing weight, it’s hard to know these things.

I have been watching this rash for the whole long weekend, and now it is mostly healing over, but it is a bit red. I don’t know if this is what they were talking about, if this is the rash that accompanies the lime disease as it spreads to your body. It’s nowhere near this site, however. I have thought, that it is probably not related to the lime, that it is probably from touching some chemical or something. Or perhaps even a plant. I don’t know, so I’m here at emergency.

I came here when the tick was in, knowing that that was the quickest way into the medical system to deal with Lyme disease.

You can imagine how much I do not want to have Lyme disease! I don’t think I took a picture of this ranch until yesterday. So it might be a faults picture, because I can’t really tell what it is when this is what it looks like. I’m a slave seen it all before. It’s not anywhere near the side of the tick. I think that’s pretty significant. However, my friend Claire fines that a rash develops

I certainly hope that is not the case at this time!

So I’m waiting at emerge, the ER at the hospital, for the triage nurse to put me at the bottom of the line. Everybody that comes in it’s going to be ahead of me, so I didn’t want to come over the long weekend, or I would’ve been waiting here all day and night.

it wasn’t the Lyme rash. Nettles likely did it!

So we are going to the temple today, and staying overnight at Linda‘s.

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