Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today

Wednesday repeat

5:30 am

When I got up, I went down to the Cedars to cut the one that is on the right edge of the view.

I think it is blocking the view to the moat. I would like to have a little larger view from the deck. So, I went down and began to cut it at waist height wit an unsharpened handsaw.

I realized that the bark was sliding off with the sap between the layers if I pulled it. So I pulled off the bark going up and going down from my mark. It took a very long time to remove the outer back from the inner work and roll them up.

I would like to be able to use the bark, the inner part, without making all these been lines in it.

It’s a very beautiful smooth white bark inside, until you bend it to get rid of the outer part. Then it makes little brown lines where ever it is bent. By the time the basket is made, there are little lines everywhere. I’m not sure how to bypass that, unless I use a knife and never bend it. Because that might work. Might be difficult.

Afterwards, I stayed at the house all morning until Lida left with the children. We played at the pile of dirt, Maya and Desi climb to the top and then slid down. But the top is this narrow ridge, so they have fallen off backwards, too.

It’s grass on the other side so they slid down the grass. I certainly hope they are all being checked for ticks. I should probably have a hand in that, too.

Desi wrote on the stairs, and I felt so upset with him. I was very angry and yelled.

He wouldn’t have a time out, and I couldn’t manhandle him, so I just told him how very angry I was, and walked away and said “I’m not gonna play with you!”

He was very sad and went into the Flowers Tipi. After a while he came out and went to his favourite dirt pile. I went over to him, and asked him if he wanted me to play with him. He said yes.

I asked him why I wouldn’t play with him before. And he said it was because he wrote on the stairs. More than that, it’s that he wouldn’t stop when I said no as I ran toward him, repeating ‘No! stop!”

I arranged the tables so each deck has a place to sit.

I watered all the little balsam fir trees, some of which have brown tips. Not good, I need to water them absolutely every day. I’m leaving too much days in between. I get distracted around here, with so much going on and so much to do.

I just love being outside. Mary told me the other day that I have always wanted to be outside. I guess that’s true. I go rather crazy when I’m inside for too long. I feel claustrophobic in the buildings.

I sorted all of the wood that was on the deck. Now I can move the good stuff down to the studio for Bo to finish the walls. I can also use the rest of the wood that I’ve sorted out. Some of it is fine that will be used for the trim, if I put trim on things.

I moved the Christmas trees to make a line in front of the cars to keep Maya from running out to the road.

Those trees were on the other side of the seedlings, but now that have been moved to the other side of the seedlings.

It was a scorcher today. It was so hot on the deck, But for some reason I stayed there.

In mid afternoon, I went down to get away from the bugs which had been biting me incessantly! I have so many bites on my legs now!

I was too tired to screw the signs onto posts and put them in the ground. Dezy and I had made them this morning. Actually, he had used the vacuum to remove the sawdust from the letters, while I used a screw to loosen the sawdust up. He was very busy with it for a long time.

Scarlett came over to pick up a few things she needed for her upcoming visit. I wanted to make a lemon meringue pie to take over for her, but I didn’t have the energy for that, not on such a hot day.

Willem took the car to get the tires changed to summer tires.

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