Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today

The beach house

As we live 250 feet from water, I would say that this is a beach house!

It’s so awesome just sit outside tonight. It’s amazing hearing so many frogs singing so many different songs. There was a bird squawking and, it’s quite late, it’s almost 10 at night. I was quite puzzled by it, so I investigated.

I wondered if it was a chipmunk or some squirrel or actually a bird. I sat on the Greenbench has the other end of the woodshed, in my little favourite corner. From there, I could hear him clearly. And I still wonder who he was. Then, as I walked in front of the woodshed, I realized and remembered there was a nest. Everything came together. I understood what was happening. The Bird was on its nest and we were the targets of his anger. I, was at the true front of the house facing the beach of one of five ponds.

It’s very nice to sit and listen, and should be observed in the forest when Possible. All the time if possible. There’s so much going on. I love this time of the year

People drive a long way to get to a place just exactly like this. They can spend a few days. And then they respect to the city for another length of time until they can return for just a few days. As soon as you let nature surrounds us and it’s loud, it has smells or fragrances, it activates our skin, it glad our hearts as we see the many colours of the leaves and the diversity what’s happening up there.

Every leaf is moving at a different rate and I have a different angle everyone of them is affected differently by their placement on the branch. So amazing to look up into it. That’s the amazing thing about Hamic’s! That would be nice to put up the Hamic again. I don’t spend much time lying down anymore

Anyway, I heard this bird squawking like to hear someJew. It turns out, it’s the bird that has the nest a top the post in the centre of the woodshed on the deck. So, when our family upstairs was outside earlier, the bird was reacting to their presence, even though they were pretty far away in the forest.

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