Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today


I got up around four.

I thought it was later than that.

5:00 AM

Anyway, Desmond needed help in the bathroom upstairs, and was trying to wake up mommy and your daddy so they would help. However, I went up and helped so that they could let their parents sleep. As I was hoping jersey, my appeared at the top of the stairs. It’s all very funny.

Jesse wanted to go outside and listen to live with for wills. So he got his socks on, I mean issues, and we went out and walked around the deck. I knew there wouldn’t be any whippoorwills. But we listen to the various songs. I never told him about the birds nest above the woodshed. That’s cool.

Desmond and I sat and looked at the birds in the Birdsong book and try to imitate him. Last night does he had heard the whippoorwills outside. It has been such a magical night listening to all the frogs and the whippoorwills, like being in a concert.

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