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We left Linda’s early, around 730, I guess.

We drove to the 401 Using Airport Parkway.. I really like that one. It’s a lot easier than all that time on the 410 and then merging into the 401 for miles and miles. So this cut off a bunch of the difficult part.

I drove I will them slept. I’d love driving. I can’t believe the price of gas in the Toronto area and all along the 401. It’s $1.39 a leader!

I’m here at home, it’s still $1.25. Never thought I would think that $1.25 a leader was a good deal. They just price couch right. They just raise the price because people are driving. Supply and demand. But there’s a big supply of oil now. I thought that was a glut on the market. Is that right? Or is the price doing this because the pipeline didn’t go through?

Willem told me that my meeting didn’t start until noon. I’ve never heard of a release society woman’s day having the meal first, and then the activity in the afternoon. However, I took his word for it and didn’t arrive there until 1130. What a mistake. I can’t believe I listen to him! So the meeting was over at noon or after lunch. Oh well. They were talking about joy in the journey. I think I’ve usually got that down pat, but I could see that the fact that I was upset that I was late, and had missed so much of it, and didn’t know where to go or what was going on. Anyway, I went into a mindfulness class. They have us meditating or whatever Brian from us is. Mindfulness is what it was. Darn microphone.

It was a beautiful ride home.The red spot on my hand has got little blisters all around it now. Little pimples. It does not itch, it doesn’t hurt, I don’t feel anything.

I was going to go to the hospital in Kingston but I didn’t want to be late for my 12 o’clock meeting. How silly. So we went home and then at 9 o’clock at night I went to go to the emergency and find out about this rash, but we stopped at Claire’s first, since she has had a lot of experience dealing with rashes on her body from the lime disease. You get a rash and then it hurts forever. The place is change

But there were nine people waiting before me, and 9 o’clock at night is a pretty good time for people to go to the hospital, since things of wound down at home. Also children with Eric‘s generally end up at the hospital around this time. All of their problems were more important than mine, and the possibility of more people showing up with new problems was also pretty high. I just didn’t want to sit and wait until midnight to be seen. So I decided I would go back at 6 o’clock in the morning. Or maybe five. However, when I got up at that time on Sunday morning, I played with the children instead.

The children were playing at home when we got here, and I played with Desi. He wanted to play with the hose. But, I first used it to water the ball some trees, and then if you wanted me to hold it so that he could easily run through the sprinkler. Maye got up after a while, and also wanted to play. She looked so do you Leo way it was difficult to

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