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I woke up to the sound of Desmond’s little footsteps across the living room floor, With him telling me, asking, guess how he had gotten into the living room.

Last night we had cleaned up the living room and made it into a space that the little children couldn’t get into, just so that I can have one place where nothing is out of order. For my sanity, I think.

I stay at the house some mornings now, so I can play with my little friends. I miss being at the reflecting pond, watching the frogs early in the morning. Frogs are so nice to watch!Anyway, I wouldn’t give up my time with Desi for all the time by the pond!

He is such a wonderful person. I like being his friend! It’s so much easier than being his mother, then trying to enforce every rule.

It is probably making it difficult for mommy because it’s so hard for me to physically enforce the rules, that he does things he wouldn’t dream of doing in front of his parents, but I don’t know every rule.

Mommy went to have a visit with Auntie Sweet, so I kept Desmond and she took Maya. It was quite nice. Desmond played in the pool, and he did some painting and put it up in his room. We were outside for a while at woodpecker Paradise corner.

I did some tidying up in our room. Now that the living room beside it is clean, I wanted to extend that totally clean feeling into our bedroom. There were a lot of clothes just on hangers on the doors, In spite of the fact that a lot of my clothes are down at the cabin. Silly me.

Desi and I went together to my phtsiotherapyy. I had told myself the wrong time, so I thought I had to rush, and so we went together. Desi sat and looked at my phone the whole time we were in the doctors office.

Mommy said he sent her a lot of pictures! I haven’t checked that yet!

I got home with him just in time for he and mommy and Maya to go to work and childcare

Willem got home from Ottawa after his appointment, just in time for Alida to use our car until the mechanic gets parts for hers.

I left soon after, for an appointment in Ottawa.

So I’ve gone to the seeker centre in Ottawa. It usually hurts a lot, so part of me is all tensing up against it. Totally the wrong thing to do.

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