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It’s been quite a busy day.

I played with the children at home for a while, and on the deck. Then we were going to go to the dump, but I remembered I needed gas. So we went to the closest gas station, and Maia fell sleep on the way.

I like those pay at the pump when you have children in the car and can’t take them into the store very Easley.

At the dump, Desmond and Maya Played with the toys in the children’s area outside. I was able to find them some boots, as Maya and I stood there and she tried on different shoes and boots.

She loves rubber boots. Desmond found some interesting things, so we brought them home. While we were shopping at the dump, I’ve put Maia in the stroller so that I could easily take care of her and do some shopping. My knees have both been bad

The rash on my hand has started toDry out. Finally. I’ve had it since 18 May.

We came home, and I relaxed by myself on the deck for a while as mommy was up. I like taking the kids so that their parents can sleep. It snowed difficult job, and it’s nice for them.

I am supposed to work at Ankaret‘s at the basketry museum with her on Saturdays from 11 to 3, but I have missed the first week or two.

I can’t do it if we’re in Toronto, but if there is something going on at church, those of the times I can’t go.

I was late getting there, but I brought Desmond. we packed his peanut butter and jelly sandwich that he made at breakfast time and nobody ate, and which I had put into a bag. I also had him bring along his crayons and his colouring book, or whatever it is, a paint by number book he got at the dump, I think.

Ankaret was teaching two women how to make hurtle fences. I worked on my birch bark, making a bowl shape according to the example that Ankaret has in her museum.

It has a very nice trim around the edge. They’ve just cut a thick bar into little points or scallops to go all away around the edge. And then they tied it together with split Spruce roots, I suppose. They split the roots. I Wonder if you could do that with a huge root. Probably not.

We played on the woodshed deck. I moved all the toys and the swimming pool over there, so I didn’t have to worry about the mosquitoes so much for them. I also brought over a table and some chairs and put a tablecloth on with a number of us above it. This was so we could sit in the shade of the maple and basswood trees.

Maya kept her clothes on so we could protect her from the mosquitoes. Desmond, however took off his pants when they were wet, that’s if he had any on at all. He seemed to be streaking all day, I think. Anyway, I told him to keep his shirt on to keep the bugs away so when he took it off I told him to put it back on to protect his back from the bugs, but he refused, so he ended up with a time out. It’s kind of easier giving a time out right away tha waiting until they’ve done it a few times. He really does not agree with my choices.

About six, I’d given them baths. Desi threw water at me, so he had a time out from the bath. He kept dumping it on Maya’s after shampooing her hair long after I told him to stop. So I dumped the boat if water on him. He was outraged. I told him it was because he was dumping it on Maya after her hair was done. She didn’t like it.

Jean came home and put them on to bed. After that, Willem watched over them and sang to Maya when she didn’t want to go to sleep, and let me go to the cottage for a break.

The marsh woods den has dropped nearly all the tall dead white cedar trees. So picturesque down there!Sun dropping behi g themaplesand alders. I love the evening yellow lighting. Isn’t this cattail making a great shadow!The Alder between the terraced ridges of garden. The marsh marigolds havifinushed blooming. The reflecting pond is drying up! The wee tadpoles haven’t got enough water!I like these two blue chairs by Fiddlehead Pond

I went in Grandmas cottage and rested in the green chair, watching the phoebes wait for me to leave.

I went down there and decided to do my exercises on the bed.

When I got back it was almost dark, but I didn’t want to stay down there any longer. I was worried about how Willem would be doing with the ‘sleeping’ children.

I like where I have put a chair just inside the patio door at the end of the living room at Shady deck Lane. Actually, it’s right beside woodpecker paradise. I have a wonderful view there, and I can put my feet up on the bed. I like what we’ve done with that spot.

Isn’t it nice!

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