Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today

Sunday morning early

5:00 it was cold but I bundled up and walked from the Beach house down to the naderlands Doorp.

The mist was rising off the warm water into the cool air. Isn’t that petty with all the new green. The mist rose off the water in Fiddlehead Pond. I left these willow for Willem aa a blind from the road. Pretty looking into the alders there. So lovely over Fiddlehead Pond The moat at sunrise. I thinkk I should move this table down the trail beyond the bridge. It was a lovely walk. around the moat and then nature called. I chose to take the lower entrance, to Timely Rest outhouse between the cedars.

From there I walked thru the cedar berm, over branches and falling cedar saplings.

I chose two straight ones with roots on the end, for decoration, for curtain rods for the living room. I aimed them to the free shoulder of the roads and left them where I could easily get hem.

I walked along the shoulder, trying to hang my body from my neck as I walked, so I won’t have any pain.

I forgot that the man built up my entrance into Sedge Meadow Tipi.

I sat for a while and looked around at the TP, making

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