Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today

Sunday evening

I’ve been kayaking alongside All the squash plants which are up alongside the onions around the islands outer edge.

It’s fun exploring it. I can kayak under the foot bridge. Through Family Footbridge!A frog jumped into the kayak while I was exploring the edge alongside the wide moat. It later jumped up onto my leg. It felt soft, cool and wet and a little bit heavy. Being cold blooded, his body temperature soon warmed to mine and he felt warm against my ankle. The reflecting pond is the height of the water table. Needless to say, the water table has fallen a foot from its flood height. So now the tadpoles are struggling for water.

For this reason, I repeatedly waded into the deep and nearly endless mud to take move them into a water jug and carried them to the moat. Five trips into the mud. I had a lovely time saving them. It’s something Becky and Cindy Davis and I would have done back in Georgia.

The rain is trying to fill the puddles again. I had a very nice time in church today. I love testimony meeting. I love that I know God. I remember when I didn’t.

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