Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today

Monday morning

It’s lovely outside but I didn’t want to bundle up so early.

Maybe in awhile I’ll go out. I have many tomato plants to plant.

I hung up curtains on the cedar piles I found in the cedar berm yesterday on my walk.

The straps are too short. I’ll have to redo it. I also moved the furniture around to keep the children out of there so I have a clean place to sit all the time.

Scarlett showed up when I was on my laptop in my newly found spot. She hung out with us for most of the day.

We went for a wildflower identification walk. I was surprised at how many different wild flowers or wild plants are out there! All of them have flowers, only some of them are really nice. Some are great.

So I tried to put all of the plants in the right page of the wildflower and medicinal plants book. A few of them with straight leaves up the sides of a rather stiff. We’re pretty difficult to identify. I put them in the book where I thought they go, but they really need to be looked up and identified better.

Willem had a concert tonight. Here in the men’s saying. So we’re out at a restaurant afterwards with the members of the choir and they’re supposed this.

It’s much cooler outside tonight then inside, and I was quite hot, So I came to sit outside. It’s interesting to be downtown in this quiet little town where the sidewalks are rolled up about 5 o’clock but a few linger on to one.

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