Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today

Sunday morning grandmas cottage

I had to go down to the cottage, before heading off to church.

The reflecting pond has about half as much water as after the rain, so I am noticing how many groups of tadpoles are in the water.

It looks like there is going to be some rescuing of stranded tadpoles to be done soon.

I had two chairs in the car that I had woven out of plastic straps. I wanted to leave them off at the cottage. I also had some very warm clothes to keep the mosquitoes out, on account of how long the skirt is and how long the sweater us. Anyway, I wanted to leave them at the cottage.

The mother or father Phoebe sat in the older well I approached. I spoke to them quietly. He was not distressed. I put the cushions from the swing besides it’s The stream, on the swing at grandmas cottage.

I tidied up just slightly, retrieve the quad scriptures that were in my closet, and noticed the baby birds.

There’s a bit of white poop on the ground beside the chair, from the mother bird cleaning out the babies, I suppose.

I think there were four lumber lumps of baby phoebes puffed out in the nest. The long yellow beak on their faces were above the edge of the nest. I guess they must be crowded! That’s a good thing. That means there will be a lot of babies. I think she sat on five eggs.

I liked like tidying up grandma’s cottage inside more. I’d like to paint on the outside, a pretty mural. I’ll start with the green trees. And then they’ll be a waterfall. And then flowers in front of the trees and the waterfall. It should be very nice. Maybe it will even look like it’s falling falling into the reflecting pond.

It’s so relaxing to go down there and just spend a moment. Even if I’m just dropping things off and picking things up. I pulled the hemlock trees that were drowning in the reflecting pond, out onto the mode on the bank. And cover them up. I had hoped to plant them, but I haven’t been around as much or have as much time as I would like.

All my signs to be put up our laid out in the spots where they should go, including one that says grandma’s cottage, beside it.

Ankaret said yesterday, that she used carpet to make her pathways work so well in her garden. I think I can do that. She said she got a big carpet at the dump, and then cut it into strips with scissors. Then she laid it down and made a path. She covered one of them with wood chips, I think. The one up toward the fence.It always feels just a little sad when I have to leave my idyllic cottage in the low lands village and go anywhere else.

I don’t think the forest Catapillar’s are decimating the alders like they did the maples some popular’s and Ironwood. I’ve been shaking them off my trees and stepping on them on the deck to

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