Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today

Tuesday afternoon

Scarlett and I had lunch together, surrounded by her little flock of happy animals.

I came home. On the way, I gathered seeds from the bulrushes. I brought them to the kayak where i paddled along and poked one in the wetsand, every few inches along the outer bank of the moat.

I think some may not sprout. The seeds were a bit green. I hope I’ve not messed up. I’ll have to harvest some more later. These are the seeds from the bulrushes. The five by phoebe babies flew in five directions when i took their photo and stood talking to them. I had no idea they were so wel developed!So they fledged in fear of me!

I sat in the anemones. They are like a blanket on the sides oh Horseshoe Island.

I wandered from chair to chair, Being chirped at by the Phoebe parents. I guess the babies fledged into these alder trees. So they are in five different locations.

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