Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today

Wednesday morning

I went out when I heard Jean and went to wish him a happy birthday; Desi was upstairs making noise with Maya, but never came down and woke me up, so I got into my day on my own

I went out and worked on the deck.

I gathered up all the children’s clothes, added hot water to the children’s pool, and moved wood.

I moved all the piles of cedar siding lengths To the railing near the stairs to go down to the studio. I felt so pleased that I had sorted all these links and now they could go altogether down there and be ready for use. The little ones went to the Flowers Tipi.

Willem helped me later take the wood to the studio. I also put all sorts of smaller pieces in bins which went to a plateau TP, which is now the flower TP.

I arranged e the chairs again, and moved the hose. It’s always been a problem when Desmond rides his bicycle or his tricycle around; the hose always stops him. So I sent it straight across the narrow deck by the cluster of fruit trees, and then wrapped it up down there.

Are used to water the daylilies and the hostas which I had swapped places with. I also watered the trees at the end of the driveway. Also the lilacs along the deck look really good, I’m so glad I move them there. That will be a lot of help in the winter, cut down on that bitter cold that sweeps us as soon as we go outsideDesi and Mira came over to my seat in the corner of the living room. By a girqueen size bed behind the couch.

Willem will help me move them down to the studio later. Willem helped me rotate the bed to give us more sitting room at the end of the room. We’ve been sitting watching Desmond videos. These are all videos, from last year. It’s so awesome that they are on YouTube. All I have to do is go to my own channel, and do a search for Desmond, and they come up! How awesome. He’s enjoying watching himself. It’s amazing how much your face is changing the year. You can tell their age because you see her for Google who sustains. When you get older, like their faces don’t change much in a year

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