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Nancy Today

Wednesday afternoon bp 100/58

I have a Seeker center appointment again this afternoon; I’m starting to rethink my treatment there.

I don’t think the needles are working, and they are very painful.

Of course, how can I know they are not working, when I’m also gluten-free so therefore, in much less pain.

I went to the appointment at the seeker center. I told him my concerns about the pain. He said that the pain killing affects of the needles is supposed to give a person maybe an hour, maybe an afternoon, maybe a day or week or even longer, of being pain-free.

Look at my bp! I must be quite lighter so it’s lower again.

He thought perhaps I was allergic to this medication he was using, so he changed and used a different one.

Every place he injected me is so painful. I can barely move my arms. I was able to walk in Home Depot, the needles he gave in my knee worked.

I stopped at Home Depot, and exchanged my batteries which don’t work. They are less than a year old, and they are both deader than a door knob. The third one is fine, kept in the same conditions as the other two.

They were going to give me a hard time about the exchange, but I talked to a lady on the floor, and she helped me find what I needed. She was the manager who came over to approve the exchange without a receipt.

I’ve been having trouble with my right ankle. When I drive for a long time, my foot or ankle starts to hurt. I haven’t twisted it or anything, at least that much I know!.

So Dr. Nahas thinks that regular doctors know nothing about pain, as he was one and at that point he too knew nothing about pain. Now he believes in manipulation and all sorts of different things coming together to help: massage, chiropractic, laxer, Physiotherapy. He offers these and other things at the office, but they are not covered by OHIP like these needles are. So I guess there must be definitive proof that these work, or else there is no way that a hip would approve them. They are nerve blockers, that’s what I get injected with, is a nerve blocking agent.

I wanted to visit with family, but was n to much pain to do any errands until late afternoon.

So on the way home, I made an appointment to go to the chiropractor as soon as possible. So I got here 10 minutes ahead of time. I hope that she can right whatever went wrong by the pressure from the amount of liquid that he injected me with. Something pushed the vertebrae out of place as soon as he made that injection. It’s in the centre of my back and affects my breathing.

I can’t believe that my arms shoulders are almost impossible to raise. I think he did a number with those injections today.

I focussed completely on my breathing and ignored what he was doing, and the pain was not so bad. In fact, the first injection in my right shoulder was completely pain-free. I didn’t even feel the needle go in.

I really want an algesic or something to put on my back before I go so that when I get there those places are numb on my back so I don’t feel the needle go in.

But I think, the way to overcome the pain of the needles, is the way to overcome any pain, focus on the breathing. only the breathing.

I’m so glad they could fit me in at the chiropractor today. On the way home I’ll pick up a chocolate cake for Jean‘s birthday.I remember the days when I never bought a cake mix. Much less a cake! Buying a cake mix always seemed like cheating. Buying a cake is even more cheating! But, it does the job! Of course, you do pay for it!I love the Pro adjuster that they use here. It’s a computer program, attached to a prod. The prod gives little tiny bumps against the spine, which registers the freedom of movement of each vertebrae. Then, she uses the adjuster to adjust the ones who make a very poor bell curve on the computer screen.

The treatment lasts a week or so, maybe more. I used to come in much more crippled up then I am today. My back has not been as bad it has been in other years.

It’s so hard to know exactly what makes the pain less. I know my medication is good, but otherwise, different kinds of activity, different movements, it all adds up, and you have reactions to different things on different days.

Dr. Nahas a electronic form that you filled out every week, explaining how long did the pain reduction last, assuming that you have pain reduction from the moment of the needles. Maybe I don’t really need the needles, one guy came out saying he felt so much better than he did when he went in. I guess that’s the same with the chiropractor treatment. I’m so glad they have my records and they know all about me and then they can just take care of me and make my pain go away.

She worked in my body and fixed everything so I could raise my arms and turn my head.

I bought some groceries and a cake for Jean, being his birthday and all!

Rain arriving! There are severe thunderstorm passing through. The wifi wouldn’t work, Willem had it turned off. Unplugged. I’m not sure where he went. Oh yes, he’s likely down by the pond. Mulching the peas with leaves.

I have to recover from all of this body aches and pains befor

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