Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today

Random thoughts

So as per yesterday’s idea that the seeker center needles don’t work for me, I think it’s true, the needles make things worse, except in my knee.

So I’ll just have only my knee done next time.

So I’m awake, but so much pain that I had to take my meds much earlier than usual. I did go to the chiropractor yesterday so that will make a difference.

Okay, enough on pain. My knees were so much better that I was able to go for a walk around the moat last evening.

It’s a damp, thickly clouded sunrise this morning. I’m amazed at how damp it is in the thick shade out the bedroom door. The mosquitoes love it. With some bug repellent, the breeze and the big maple leaves provide a lot of movement in the air. I love sitting in the green swing out there.

My arm was damp last evening and itched. I think the fungal infection is popping out in a new place.

I’m trying to strengthen all my muscles to make walking easier. I like the exercises that work on the leg muscles.

Nellie the raccoon, comes to visit twice a day. She’s out again. She’s quite tame. Too tame for comfort. I’m feeding her the wheat on the deck. The sunflower seeds bag is on the lane, instead of in the back of the car.

The children are up upstairs. Maya and Desi have been having fun upstairs. I heard them come down and go back up earlier.

Desi came down and made pictures and videos on my phone on my bed beside me.

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