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I made a list when I got up and have been using it all morning; after Desi came in and touched me with his finger so I knew it was him!

He and Maya both got in bed with me. Maya and I looked into each other’s eyes for a longer time than people do. It was fun. I love them playing with me like that.

So on my list and what’s been accomplished so far:

I’m very proud of this list and how I put my check marks in front of things and then I drew a line down so I could see which one is left undone. Anyway on my line I did six loads of laundry and I put five of them on the line and I brought in four of them.

I picked up all the trash around the lane. I weeded the garden beds along side the walkway to the TP, where the grass is several feet high. L

I removed the rail the railing posts that I had put up for a railing above the ramp, But, there isn’t enough room to get up and down and carry things and have children walking beside you, so I took off those beginning of the railing uprights.

I gathered up all the rolls from the inside of the toilet paper and put them in a bag to give away for making garden seedlings pots.

I screwed in the holder for the brooms, and used it for umbrellas and screwed in another one, and used it for my grasper.

I hung up a shelf, a little too glass shelf unit on the wall. It’s very small and pretty, gold and glass.

I clean the bathroom shelf above the sink, and screwed supports in under the end of it. Most of what was on that big shelf where the soap andThe nail brush and drinking glass go.

I took all the sand toys and gatheredthem up and put them in the laundry basket.

I weeded all the area around the well pipe. It had grass 3 feet tall. Looks much better now. I also hung up the wet cushion that was on the swing in the yard. I took a knife to the car so that when I’m at the dump I can harvest some magnets from the refrigerators.

I emptied and laundry basket of canned food and put it in the cupboard. I jumped off the baking soda that was on the vinegar on seats in the kitchen. I took my boots to the car so that when we go to my happy place I can dig up some small bowl brush plants. They are in water that’s about 6 inches deep.

I renewed my prescription and I told Willem to make a phone call, and he has been working on taking the tall grass out of the ‘greenhouse flowers, where the greenhouse used to be.

Willem has been pulling out the route to the giant Virginia creeper that used to cover the veranda of the greenhouse. The stump benches at the front end of the greenhouse were aware of the routes got such a good hold. Anyway, now Willem is pulling it out for me, and removing the big grass clumps in between the lilacs I planted the other day along side the deck.

So now, what I have left to do, is glue the kitchen chairs, the arms fall off. I have to go to town and pick up my prescription, give some receipts in the car to Willem, buy a 2 x 12 x 12‘ long,, cut the stairs, I mean the stringers for the stairs that go off the deck into the yard.

I also have to harvest the nettles, Find my go Pro charger cord, clean up the sunflower seeds on the lane, and sweep the Catapillar poop off the deck.

I also need to wash the bathroom floor, and when I go to the dump get those magnets.

So I have one left load of laundry in the wash that needs to go on the line, and I think the other five loads are all done and inside now.

So now that I’ve done all that, I think it’s time to do nothing for a while! So I’m sitting in my swing on deer Meadow Café, I mean hilltop Deere Café. The deer feeding spot. I see a few more sand toys in the bag if I mark that on my list, I’ll do it.

It’s nice to see these plants growing. I don’t know what most of them are, the little ones on the ground. They may be those ones that get tile in have blue flowers on them, or maybe not. They kind of look like Violet, but they’re not.

I was sitting in my swing at the end of the wood shed, the treehouse corner, and could hear all the Catapillar poop in the trees. It was like it was raining. Very tiny raindrops. Oh Catapillar poop. Should take a picture of it it’s on the

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