Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today

Friday afternoon

I went to town and bought a 2 x 12 x 12 and picked up my prescription, crossing both off of my long list.

However, the list is growing. Every time I get an idea I would write down, so now my list is again several pages long.

I brought in the laundry, loads six and Willem wash load seven and I hung it on the line. He worked on removing the grass from the greenhouse garden. Where the flowers are growing.

I’ve been trying to prepare my 2 x 12 x 12 to cut it. I’m going to study it out some more, before I start cutting the stringers.

From the shady deck, where I am reclining in this ZG chair, I think I’ll be able to see Serenity Dippity pond from here. I think that I do see it, but I never realized that’s what it is, because It’s so far away and it’s always reflecting the trees around it.

But I see a dark area which looks like there’s a gap between the Islanders and those directories. I don’t know I completely might be wrong.My energy ran out a long time ago, but I still keep plugging on and tidying up this and doing that. But now I’m in the zero gravity chair, the ZG chair. The rainlike patter of Catapillar poop falling thru the leaves that are still on the trees, fills my ears, well the sound of it does not thepoop.

Desi and Maya played in the kiddie pool. She is such a water baby! They love sliding into the water, especially Maya.

That was after they sat and painted rocks on their little picnic table.

After bedtime, Alida needed to go help Jean, so I was babysitting. Maya is still asleep. Desmond was up for hours! Terrible.

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