Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today

Sunday afternoon

On the way home, we stopped at one daughter’s home.

She’d taken the time and trouble of going to church and putting a card on our car, hoping it was the right car, so she added to ‘Dad, his name, just in case!

She makes the best gardens. She waters them every night. No wonder they look amazing. I’m the once farmer ‘s wife who prays and waits for rain for the crops! Isn’t working for raised beds.

I’ve been watering my wee little trees, but not every day.

I went for a swim in the north end of the oval shaped moat. I stood for awhile after dipping my feet in. It was warm on the top wcees I float.

Talk about a pond! The two opposing corners are 30’ wide.

I went in the grandmas cottage, and was great surprised at what a huge mess it had become. So I decided to sweep the floor. I shipped out the rugs out the door. It was kind of nice standing there with the rugs and shaking them out the door. I really felt like I was in a new location. Keeping house I swept the floor nicely and put the rugs back down.

I thought I would look in the closet and see what the situation was in there. I ended up with organizing it all of your emptying it and dusting and sweeping it. It wasn’t really Sunday work, but it just felt so scattered in there the way it was.

It looks just neat as a pin in there now! Makes me feel good to sit somewhere and not see things that need to be done.

I thought about going kayaking, but decided to walk around the mall. It was wonderful to swing my arms and go for a nice brisk walk, it made me want to take my car as I walk, so if you just let my muscles do all the work.

Willem came down and watch the fireflies with me when I went back to get my phone, which had left on the shelf in the cabinet.

I made a wonderful mentor conglomeration today. Are used to Bob of a bag of stirfry vegetables and water and refried beans with sweet potatoes and onion and dried carrots,

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