Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today

Monday morning pages

When I got up, I found my pink notebook, kind of a vinyl cover, and walked around making a list of what I can see Needs to be done.

I worked on the kgreenhouse flower garden, removing grass clumps

The children came downstairs and were calling to me from the screen door in the family room. I let them out. Maya said ‘pool’ and ran around the corner to the pool and stood asking for her diaper to be off.

Desi was stripping down and Maya was already wanting the hot water on. I dumped out some of the water so I Could add more water.

They both had fun using cups and bubbles. I showed them how to make bubble muffins on the little table beside the pool.

Around 8am, they got out and got towels on and Desi got dressed. Maya went upstairs to see mommy instead and Desi disappeared into the house as well.

I went to the Plateau Garden Boxes and watered the plants. Everything is up very nicely.

I dragged a carpet over to. Over some weeds. I should plant thyme on those pathways since it’s so sandy and dry out there!

The strawberries look great. Here’s the bean trellis I made of willow the other day at

Greenhouse bed,

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