Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today

Pottery time with Mommy

Last night, Mommy and I worked in the pottery studio; She had her first lesson on the wheel in our nearly finished studio.

I wish I had a picture of her glowing smile as she held her leather- hard, finished bowl!

She practised centering the clay, then made a really nice bowl on her second tor third try. A quick study, indeed!

I remember her doing pottery years ago. I can’t remember where that was, maybe at that little school of the arts that Joanne started. Oh yes, She and Abraham or I made small bowls at Joanne’s in her studio. That was a long time ago!

Anyway, it was interesting to watch myself in teaching mode, hovering like a mother hen. I had to tell myself to be quiet and back up, as I tend to micromanage, which is not good for something artistic like throwing a bowl on the wheel. You can’t be micromanaged in that.

Well, of course you can, but I think the feel of the clay in your fingers and how you can change its shape by moving your fingers, that’s really a dance that you do with it, the wheel and your tools.

Those two bowls made it onto the top of the stove where they have been st home for the last—I don’t know—18 years or something, and still hold salt in one, but the other broke some time ago. I think. I never went in for pepper so much. One held my cumin and coriander powder.

Today when the children were having nap and quiet time, we went back down to the studio, where she was able to trim her bowl and decorate it with spruce needles, the tip of a bough.

I’m really surprised at how well she has done. I really don’t think I figured she’d make one so quickly and even have it ready for bisque firing.

I think if she wants to, she can do pottery during naptime every day she’s home, if that’s what she’d like to do!

I think for the last four years, having tiny children around, is very easy to lose touch with who you are, with your creative self. You’re just running to catch up. Always swimming harder than you can, upstream.

It’s really hard to keep Your sanity when every minute with your children is so. demanding. I wish I had had the studio 20 years ago!

Wouldn’t it have been amazing! I think having a studio under that deck extension is the most brilliant idea I’ve ever had! Who would’ve thought!

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