Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today

At the edge of the meadow alongside the hill.

I went down dead man’s run, telling Willem that I was going down.

I think I went through the studio and out the back. Yes, I did.

It’s so different, dead man’s run used to be pretty impossible at those waterfalls spots, I think there were two places where it was hard to navigate, and a little path around the waterfall up alongside, but it was all quite steep.

At the base, I realized that the tree I To the park off of, it’s not the one that was in my way. It was two or three lower branches of a different one.

I stood there at the bottom of the hill and watch dragonflies. I took photos of them, they only photos I was able to take me for my camera died, the story of my life.

These are at the base of the staircase at the end of Dead Mans Run.

I love the colour combinations f the placement if the wildflowers!Is this baby’s breath? Anemone and perhaps baby’s breath. Are these buttercups?Anemones and vetch. I’ve been sitting in aspen mound, waiting for the beaver or muskrat to come be visible in fiddlehead pond again. He’s been killing all the cattails in Fiddlehead pond.

I think he went home with his lunch and came back after siesta time. In the meantime I sat on top of the hill overlooking the owners and the forest beyond. It was interesting to look at it all from that angle, this vantage point, and identify where the parts are, and the ponds.

Easiest way to get down from the top of Aspen Mountain, and the safest, was to go down the back. That put me at the base of the hill between the two hills. So I thought you know, I haven’t walked along this hill bottom in years, I think the ice storm put so much trees down there, that it was too hard to walk.

It was a wonderful cosy pack. It went on between trees, around obstacles, and I tried to stay right at the base of the hill between the hill and the meadow. The property fence is pretty disintegrated in that area. Now and then I would realize that my path was winding back-and-forth over the fence at times. I tried to stay on the meadow side of the fence, to experience the actual edge of the meadow.

I stopped and remove dbrush. You know, I thought, as I walked along, realizing that this was a really lovely path, that Scarlett would look at it and say, “I’d like a path here.“, Then she would get to work and move everything that was in the way of her path. And I thought, well if that’s what Scarlett would do, I can do that too.

When I got to the white chair at the waterfall, I realized how easy it had been to walk all the way around the edge. There were two patches where it was a bit wet, but if I stayed closer to the hills, it wasn’t so wet.

I sat in the chair overlooking the pond for a long time. It was such a beautiful view.

I realized that if I put my glasses a little bit down, and look through them, I could see things further away much more clearly. They were sort of like a pair of binoculars.

When it was time to go home, or come back, as I was thinking the children might be returning soon, I debated coming back onto the Triaqua Cartrail, or going back the way I had come.

The meadow edge Trail is all in the shade.. So I spent the entire afternoon going from dead man’s run Aspen mound and then the meadow edge Trail and the waterfall. It was really quite nice, not to be in the sun, but to be able to sit and look over leaks that were in the sun. I really enjoyed myself. When I got back, I thought I should go set

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