Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today

My Thursday afternoon

I am caring for Desmond and Maia today, as rain, their general babysitter, isn’t feeling well today.

We are having a wonderful day. We have played at the play structure, in the pottery studio, in Willem‘s gravelled base he is making for the stairs, and now in the pool.

Willem has been away to get stones, and when he came back I thought it was Scarlett. I was so excited as I thought she was coming over as I had invited her. But no, it was Willem coming back with the gravel.

Maya and Desmond love going up the slide and sliding down to the water in the pool. Yeah Maya love sitting in the pool relaxing. Leaning your head back so serious she’s a perfect little child of her age.

Desmond keeps coming over here now and trying to add words in the dictation. Luckily, this program seems to be able to differentiate between my words and his words I am I said there’s nothing of his that are showing up in here.

He’s jumping into the pool over the side, before, he was putting all the toys into the bin.

I think Maya is getting tired. He’s leaning back relaxing in the tub. I think she’s missed her nap time and is probably ready for a run. I thought maybe we would go for a drive and they could nap and confident person.

Actually, I thought that we could go down to grandmas cottage and maybe Maia would be falling asleep in the car and I could park in the shade beside the cottage.

Yes does man what are you asking?“ I said. “

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