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Friday morning pages

I just love being down by the pond; There are so many places down there.

Last evening I wen down to the lowlands and I explored places I never explore. The other day I explored the bottom of the hill, but today or yesterday, I asked Ward along the street. I was very pleasantly surprised to see that it was not too difficult to walk along the street. I am remove branches that were right in the way. Paragraph when I took Desmond to the lake yesterday, on my was babysitting,

I was birdwatching! I haven’t gone birdwatching with an ocular‘s for V Jan‘s. Now I just recognized invoices. However, I sat on the red swing which is facing the lawn, I heard several songs that I’ve never heard before. I tried to listen to the sounds and make them into lines, – marks. So 18 – marks in it Dash Mark don’t hire and then it Dash Mark that now or lower. That was very interesting. I knew it wasn’t in my word Bird identification Book. I think it might be one up at the house, my North American birds, Michael. That’s the best word that Levere found. Picture and some information page I’m facing pages. And the text is done. He is easy to read

So I try to remember how it went. However, I have a terrible audio memory, so I thought I would instead change it to picture form for myself. Like make dashes. So one song I was listening to had eight dashes and then it went up a – and then it came back down to the same one as the rest of them so I guess it’s like musical notation. I just needed to know the pattern, because that will be in the other bird book as well. I think it must’ve been a warmer. To the black throated blue black green or whatever those warmers I think it might’ve been one of them.

, My camera was dead when I was young with the children yesterday to grandmas cottage. They just look so cute standing there beside the upside down new with me. They poured out more paint circles in black. She likes mixing colors, which means that they usually get very dark. Paragraph I still haven’t done anything in the way of the cottage.. I should find someone paint and some green

I spent some time walking around the top of the first Terrace in the island. I like the little spot for him and then my knees in the first cross the bridge maybe that should be covered in them and step down into a problem. Thank you. I cross the bridge them in the stream,

I’m so grateful to have my life back. I can’t believe that my niece who lives in you walking yet. We are such a blessing. And that my hips are fixed and I’m not sitting around anymore. I am love all the numbers! Found one that will be a big surprise when I’m down and I’m one 80s! That your milestone, for sure! I think I was 180 when I was married to happen.

I saw a cuckoo close in the office along side the street. As I was making my way I’m on the street, I heard him. It wasn’t his usual crew and Sam is Poopoo it was a different one.

Well the spell incorrect or really did a number on that last paragraph. Anyway, that was all being at the dream where the water flows. The name of the street is called a LDER. That was really an interesting moment, seeing that bird. Are used to go on birdwatching hikes, both when I was at home with a nature group, and when I was on press trips. And justcome off for that period of my life

Through my binoculars at the whole world. Actually, the binoculars were replaced by my handy cam camcorder. I am quite pleased to have that!.

There was another bird, but it turned out that I knew it after all, it was a sparrow, I have sparrow in fact., No song sparrow. I think it might be a little variety of the song sparrows. Maybe there isn’t,

I’ve been enjoying looking at the grasses. Every time I’m down there I picked the seed stock from any grass I find. I can’t believe there are so many different varieties.

The care act, which is a grass that has bumpy seed pods, be in Florence is full of empty stuff like that,

And crackersThat’s the accident we just drove by, yoghurt truck had an accident and there was yoghurt bread for miles. Was interesting to see a little skid steer cleaning up the yoghurt from Wayne.

When I was down there at the red swing yesterday in the lane that interest to iceberg path, which I think I should now, icy parking because it’s a little parking or turning around, but it’s an amazing entrance! Imagine having grab a beer everything!

So be safe so, beside the icy rain, icy parking, is a spot where all of the wall of the pond was put in, when he was bulldozing for me down there a few years ago.

Anyway, I was thinking of putting a TP there, but the more I think about it, I think that one day that place it’s got a foundation, it could have some kind of a small cabin on there.

There’s another spot near the other side of icy parking lane, is a better place for the TP, I think. It’s sort of nestled into the trees more.

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