Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today

Identifying grasses

Every time I go for a walk, I pick the inflorence stalk of each grass species I find, as this is their time of flowering and producing seeds; so I look them up in Grasses, by Lauren Brown, which I found second hand through Amazon for cheap.

I am amazed how many different kinds of grasses, which are in that book, that are growing here. It’s phenomenal! Most grasses have always just been grass, to me. Some stand out, like ornamental grasses, or fields of forage, but I never realized how many different kinds of sedges are in our wetlands. I can’t believe how many of them grow right here. I’m thinking, that I could harvest the inflorence of these grasses. the carex, which are the ones with bumpy pointy airfilled seed pods, good! There are just so many of them! It just seems a shame to watch them as they will decompose and fade away.

I keep picking the same grass in Florence, knowing that I’ve already picked it and put it in the book on the right page, but I’m trying to pick from and identifying them often, so I can get used to the names, like now, I know what stipata is. I know, what’s that?

And this one is carex greyi. Or this one which is carex wahuensis, which may not be the one I have.

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