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Sunday morning pages

The dirty windshield is really hard to clean up; the inside gets coated with dust from the gravel roads.

So I wiped the inside of the windshield with my clean socks, the ones I’m going to put on later. I’m

But then, after washing it outside it was still dirty. So instead, I opened the window and I glanced out a lot so I didn’t have to look through the dirty windshield at the beautiful day.

Then, quite a while later, I realized that my glasses might be dirty. So I took them off and sure enough, they were covered with dust. Just enough specs to make the windshield looks really dirty. I cleaned them up and miraculously, I could see you again!

In the Scriptures, it tells us that before we find a little tiny faults of others, we should work on the big faults in ourselves. And my question then is, when exactly do we work on those?

It is in the tiny moments, as were about to do a right or wrong thing, actually, the right things I don’t think we really choose to do, they come naturally but the bad thing is, we make a conscious choice.

What I mean is, I am about to do something I know I shouldn’t do, the fact that I know I shouldn’t do it is in my face at that moment. If it were a photo it would be a photo of what I’m about to want to do, that I know is wrong. It’s in front of my face; the good choice. And usually, at that point, according to my habits, I choose the wrong thing.

In those moments where I am in the habit of choosing the right thing, I don’t take the time to choose anymore, the choice was made long ago, and now it’s a habit. But those things that I want to do that I never gave up, those things that I may or may not know about, that I don’t give up and I make those bad choices, but every time I make that bad choice, there’s a little tiny reminder, the reminder where I want to be versus where I am. That’s the gap.

Sometimes when I am in a traffic jam, I notice all the people that are in the cars. Generally, there are one person in each car. So every 10 feet you have one person if you took all those people in all those cars out of the cars lined them up they would be a very short line, compared to huge traffic line.

Wildflowers are so lovely along the roads now. Willem And I often take separate cars to church. Today he has a meeting at four in Kingston, so it would be terribly silly to go home to our place and then down to Kingston from there. So he’s pretty well going to miss the whole family visit today. Bummer!

This morning I wandered around the house looking for a place to put the stairs that we no longer need, the ones that have now been replaced on the yard side of the house.

It’s so nice to have those beautiful new 8 foot wide stairs! The first step is the level of the deck. So that makes it easy to walk around the two chairs that are sitting at the side of the sliding glass doors.

Anyway, I went over to the stairway to nowhere. I mean, the 12 foot wide stairs that go down to the Flowers tipi. Actually, I like them. They have a very gentle my way of walking.

So I thought perhaps I could put those steps at the side of that wide staircase, at the end of the pathway through the Flowers. Those paths were blocked by the stairs. Actually, they were just covered up. Obviously.

I weeded in between those beds the other day, the ones I look down on from the deck. I really like to stand on the deck in the shade of the balsam patch of trees and survey the perennial slope garden.

That’s also a very beautiful place in there, it’s like at a child’s Garden. Little chairs under the trees, one big one for me. I guess I probably need another big for Willem. Or anybody else. It’s so nice but I can walk I like this little area under there.

Anyway, what I was thinking, is that I can bill little staircases where I need them. Now that I can just buy a stringer, this is going to be so easy!

I would like their case down to the back of the hobbit hole. That’s quite low there. It’s way too high for me to do anything with. It’s very hard to get through there. But if I have a staircase, how simple that would be!

It would also be fun to build a staircase down the side of sunrise.


Sitting on the train goes by is an amazing experience. There are trains that I’ve been all over the world. Some cars like he’s going bye-bye VSGAES are new. There’s a lot of noise, as each set of wheels goes over the tracks each track each time continually so you’re hearing not two wheels go over the track but all the wheels on all the trains are all going over all the tracks all the time so if there’s 100 cars and there’s eight wheels under each car is that what is

After the train goes by, everybody just drives across the tracks with the arms come up in the light stop flashing, and everybody just goes on about their day, as if nothing amazing just happened.

Can you imagine living in the day when everything was done by train. When I was driving down the road and I saw the red lights on, and I saw the lights flashing in my arms coming down, it reminded me that it is an entire situation going on it’s where everyone has to stop and take notice. Listen up everybody.

And I remembered that in many countries all over the world that same event happens with the lights flash the arms come down on a train appears out of nowhere ringing at bells are blowing it’s hard.

The foliage that was around the drains far kind of always been a waste land, not much really gross on gravel, and it’s kept pretty bare, both places are all over the world has places like that where the change that drive-through it’s a little tiny and the villagers like in Mexico, they come out to meet the train, they’re begging at the windows as you go by.

I would like to do that I would like to take the canyon the red light that there’s a train that goes to there it’s in Mexico somewhere. But I guess, he’s being the days that they are, it might be pretty dangerous to be on a train in Mexico. I wonder if they still rob the gold on the train!

So when I saw that train situation beginning, I thought of all the places where the trains I have written in. In the mountains in Switzerland up-and-down the mountains and mostly through them, with amazing scenery. And I’ve been in western West Canada and taking a train from Vancouver to Prince Rupert BC. That was an amazing train. It was a glass cited in Ruth train, it was like being in a glass panel, or two, or greenhouse. But you can see very clearly out all of the windows, especially when we got here a salmon factory and they were eagles everywhere, bald eagles. I’ve also read new trains in Germany where Mary and I hop a train. And I’ve been on trains in Holland to go from large again to Rotterdam. I would love to take the train in the copper canyon in Mexico. That would be such an amazing experience. I wonder if in the next life, since we are going to run out of time and if we will be able, if we live on this her and it’s glory, a glorified earth, will there be things like the copper canyon?

I think it will be. I think of the earth as it is now. I do hope that we don’t cover it up with movement everywhere. But I guess, probably not. We would have streets of gold but I don’t think that we would need transportation like I think we would be able to move about much more quickly in a different way.

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