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Plateau garden

I watered the plateau garden, the boxes that Scarlett built for us; it needed it so I left it running on the strawberries as the leaves are still quite small.

Everfar labyrinth daylilies

While the children played merrily upstairs with mommy, I dug up the outer row of daylilies from the labyrinth, and moved them down to the Marshwood garden on the edge of Triaqua trail.

I was in a lot of pain from bending, so I did a back stretch, holding onto the car, my back lengthened out to its longest. backwards at the same time and stretching my neck up word. Or forward. It worked. All pain gone!

I went back up to the house and played with the children for a while. I emptied and warmed up the pool and enjoyed watching over them.

It was time for them to go play at granny’s, so I left and went to...


I went over to Scarlett’s afterwards, it’s always nice to see what’s been going on over there. She has such great ideas. She’s quite the rock mover, too!

I felt like going for a walk in the shade, and decided to go to see the pink showily lady slipper orchids and walk the boardwalk in there.

It was quite a nice walk, but I didn’t feel very well.

I realized that Spiknard is quite a common plant. Also I didn’t know white cedar is full of vitamin c, scurvy cure.

The twin flower is missing. I walked the trail through the forest, then out to the end of the boardwalk. I was exhausted from the walk and the sun, but not in pain.

I like watching my cat to bend in the breeze, and noticed that the tips were turning brown. I saw a red wing blackbird that look to me as big as a crew! It couldn’t of been, but it sure was a visual trick!

I want to try using the cattail powder, the meal you’re supposed to be able to make with it.

I drove the back roads, the not maintained in winter is one of my favourites. It was good but then it was dry, because some of those potholes were pretty normal. But I miss them all over the world.

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