Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today

Sunday gathering

Thanks everyone for working our gathering into your very busy schedules!

People came and went. Lida had a staff meeting, jean was with us till Lida came home when he went to work on rebuilding their farm house. Bo went for snacks.

Ben and Zane arrived at 11. And played with turtles and frogs and kayaked round and around the 200m moat. Getting under the bridge was rather difficult.

I got home at 2. Scarlett was here with the children and Jean. I pass Alida heading out as I arrived. They cleaned the family room and kitchen. Tas wasn’t well so couldn’t make it. Willem had a meeting couldn’t get out of in Kingston so missed it all.

Zane played comtently, s did Maya, Desmond was on hyper drive and had many timeouts and ruined the afternoon for poor mommy. Been there. No fun.

Foods included a huge basket of luscious strawberries, an apple pie, my fiddlehead lentils, nuked potatoes, choc chip muffins, popsicles aabd a veggie platter. Worked out perfectly. I was so glad nobody cared that the house and deck were a mess, or that most of the cushions had been in the rain since about Wednesday when they got played wth, or that the railings held soaking wet laundry.

I had a wonderful time! Los of good conversations among, laughter and exploring. Ben got to show Zane the pottery studio and the rock tower he made with layers of clay and the bowl Alida has been making.

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