Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today

Monday overview

I was quite overtired from my very busy few days; Thursday I babysat and did lots of laundry.

Some of which was still on the line and the cushions were on the deck thanks to the little people.

Friday was a long drive and wonderful day at the Temple but I was quite overtired.

Saturday we left early then drove far and did the dump, market and Ankaret’s basketry museum where I made a coiled basket base.

Sunday was preparing, church and the monthly family gathering. So by Monday morning I was completely out of energy.

Desi was on a no sugar day again today. Yippee!!

I walked to the bridge from the lower entrance, by way of the outhouse, then sat and watched the water.

I changed my stick children so they were playing tug of war. I’m trying to change them around from time to time.

I went to my happy place then to explore Sharbot lake where I went to the gas station for mosquito repellant and little stuff and to explore and see what they had.

Then I went to the dollar store for small wooden boxes, then to home hardware for some six step stringers. I stopped at my happy place by the lake again and enjoyed the serenity and the bulrushes.

I asked people about their relationship with this place.

A man came and fed the fish. Little clear ones with a blue tail and a dot on their sides. Wide mouthed bass he said! He said a Chinese group came and illegally fished out every bass from the area. He was devastated. Now there are a few back. 30 or so, vs the 300 he saw and fed there daily.

Later after checking, I discovered the little clean spots in the moat are the resting sites of .... drumroll...the same large mouthed bass I saw at the lake!! There are six such spots in the moat on the gravel near the edge. Amazing that I know a fish!!

I built a staircase down to the stream with my stringers and some cut 2x4s for the treads.

I’m glad I have a drill.

Willem came and sat in the hawthorns beside me on our chairs that need weaving on the seats. I’ll do that soon.

I walked down the stream to see how navigable it is anymore. Not at all. I used to swim in the stream from culvert to bridge.

There are five areas to sit by the stream and three large areas for coves inland in the alders.

I came upon a baby cuckoo in the ferns. Lovely. No camera! The adult black eyed cuckoo sat gurgling near the first Stream-side spot. AMA ing adventure.

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