Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today

Wednesday afternoon

I came into Ottawa for my appointment at this speaker center.

I really like Dr. and a half, and I like the extra things he does he doesn’t feel old him for. Of course, he tells me every single time he does one of these little joint manipulation or muscle manipulation after he inject me with all those needles, it always helps me that he doesn’t charge for this, green, because he’s trying to do something good in the world. Very nice. However, we need tells me every time he does it, someone, more in debt it to him.

So this time, when I win, I decided that I just wanted to needles in my knee. However, that was a preemie, and that he doesn’t know. He injected oxygen into my knees, which helps him change the growth of new cells, or somewayThe area.

So, although I was not gonna let them do anything but my knees, you said that it was like going to a gynaecologist and saying that I really didn’t like the surgery but I want to keep coming because I just like talking to you. Anyway, I guess there is value in the needles. I definitely find value in told me things about being gluten-free. He thinks that the information that is in my body after, is doing the benefit.

After my appointment, after which I can’t immobilized. I was in a lot of pain, but my knee is good and very well, and the places that he perked my back, We’re pretty sore. But it wasn’t as terrible as last time when I have to go to the chiropractor afterwards. I think, however, last time I realize that if I breeze with the injections like I did with childbirth, it would be a lot better. So, very hard to breathe with injections.

Afterwards, I had to sit in the parking lot for a while to recover so that I have the ability to get to Ben.

Everybody was still at work, and same with napping, so I just on the front porch. Been remotely unlock the door for me, and I went in and met the new nanny. I didn’t want to ring the doorbell because that would Wake up my grandson.

I have such great family! I guess my kids are both Senior software architect, and senior technical architect. I really don’t know with those titles mean. However, I know they sure know a lot of stuff about the workings of a computer that I don’t know.

They have a phone that has been replaced and they are going to give me the old one, exceptions and still under warranty, I will get a new one! How is that for cool!

We have the most scrumptious meal! She had used red lentils with salt and pepper. It was wonderful!

She had also made the lamb roast with parents and small new potatoes. It reminded me of using Mint jellywhen we had him when I grow up. At first I didn’t think they used to using meant jelly on you, but then once I tried it, I was!

I think I drink too much water, because I didn’t. I have been thinking of going to Costco then they had, but didn’t feel well

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