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Willem woke me up at seven and said don’t you have an appointment this morning?

Yes actually I did, so I jumped out of bed, pull the dress over my head, and went out the bedroom door. I went around the house and open the family room door and put my shoes on, then headed to the car. I was at my appointment in time, except that I was a day early! Which meant, then I had to do the same thing again tomorrow!

But tomorrow I’m babysitting the children, so I asked if I could do it today later. So today at 11. That means, but I have to do something for a few hours.

So I went to a new little café nearby, as the whole strip mall appears to be new. I discovered a North American map on the wall. It was lovely to look at. As I was reading the names oh videos, going up the East Coast, when I got to Montreal, then Quebec city, there were no more cities north of there. I hadn’t realize that everything ended so far south in Canada. All the major cities are just along the border! I guess that shows how while the rest of Canada is!

So this café has gluten-free muffins and cookies. I got a mango smoothie with soy milk, but it was sweetened with sugar in the purée, I think it was 46% purée of mango, and the rest was water and sugar. I’m not sure but it sure seem like there was a lot of sugar in it!

This is interesting. A few flat terrain bicycles and a garden and using canary grass for decorative grasses. What a good idea to have a garden for the restaurant. Such a nice spot.

I made a video this morning! I can’t believe there was room on my phone, but there it is. It was good to make a video again.

I do wish I knew what to title videos. I asked my viewers to make suggestions in the comments. Are usually just call the mall update. But there are many topics I cover in each one, so it would be good if they had names that reflected what was in them. I mean, G.

I went by the place where a girl is in care. I would like to stop by and see her, but I stopped once before and had to wait about an hour before I could actually see her. First she had to eat her meal and then she had to be taken care of by an attendant.

I need faith to just go, and not worry about how much time it’s going to take. It’s hard for me, because I like to be in charge of my schedule.

I went to breakfast on the highway at a truck stop. Nice. It’s fun to be out with other people, so I won’t feel guilty for not stopping to minister to her.

I like sitting here people watching. I had two pieces of gluten-free toast, dry, two eggs once over easy, or maybe that sunny side up, and some hashbrowns, made from potatoes. The bread is very good. I’m wondering if the space that is on the potatoes has gluten in it. I had some lovely hot lemon tea, made from a slice of lemon and sweet and low water.

I am getting full very quickly now. Did I mention that I’m losing even more weight? Yesterday it was 189.3 and in the afternoon at the senior center, it was 191.6, or something.

It’s interesting to watch the way the weight falls. I can’t believe that I’m under 190, into the 180s! I haven’t been there since I was on the farm! Well, actually I was there when we were in town and I Lost weight down to about 158 pounds, or something. That’s where I was when we moved here. I remember the skinny dress I was wearing when we stood up Stream. That’s when we decided to buy the place! The neighbour said they wondered how we would fit into such a small house. However, now it’s a much bigger house. And, now that all the people are gone!

It’s so great to have room for Alida’s family!


I stood on a wobble board.

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