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I played with the children in the pool and around the yard.

We were in the pottery studio for a little while. I had to do a search for my phone again. Seems like I do that a lot.

Willem went to the store for diatomaceous earth, and then sprinkled it around the potato plants, keep the potato bugs away. I couldn’t go down there, because the kids didn’t want to go to grandmas cottage. It would’ve been a lot of work to go there too.

Desi was watching YouTube music videos in the morning. I put baby signing time on for Maya. I see that She needs to watch younger, educational programs see the counting and abcs, while Desi is way past that!

Maya went for a nap and Desi and I went to the eye doctor.

My prescription has changed. They wanted $240 for my bifocals. I think I’ll check around and see how those prices are.

Desi can see well with both eyes. Wonderful! We went to tell mommy at work, then we came home to find Maya had just woken up. She slept from 1-4. No wonder she wouldn’t go to bed as she usually does, at bedtime.

I liked the heat. There’s a big scare about the high heat this next week. We move from spring to summer! We’ll get a week of it now! I do love basking in the sultry heat and dipping into the pool. In Georgia When I was in the mountains with Mary, it was so hot and humid, that the temperature of the water was so warm I had to swim to the shade for some relief. Then it was so humid weL couldn’t dry off afterwards. Pea soup. My mom used to call it that sometimes.

When mommy came home, I went down and changed the stick children around, have them siting in trees now. Imagine, the tamarack trees we planted are y’all enough for the styrofoam and felt and straw stick children are looking very happy there. I sat around and watched tv, Unsolved, or maybe that was The one I was watching yesterday.

I don’t generally do things like sit around and watch television, I have so much to do!

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