Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today


I wanted to go outside, but it was raining too hard.

I also didn’t want to walk down to my studio, because the plants along side the walkway are so big and lean over the pathway and steps. I didn’t want to get soaked, but I had to use the washroom. So I headed off to town where I went to Tim Hortons. I sat inside and journaled and visited with a few people that I knew that came in. U

I had a phone visit with my sister. I told her about stuff I’m doing.

So Ankaret has a museum of all the baskets that she has made or acquired that can be made with local natural materials. So I took her out and we harvested birchbark and Cedarbark from some old trees.

I’ve also got tussock Sedge growing in the island. That’s a grass that grows about 3 feet tall. It is just straight leaves, narrow straight long leaves.I harvested some of that the other day to make up coiled basket.

We have a family gathering the third Sunday of the month. It is working out wonderfully. Ben and family come from Ottawa, Alida and Desmond and Maia 4yo and 2 yo, And jean are here and scarlett and Bo come over for it. Lots of fun and laughter! Abe’s living in an apartment and Daniel us in Vietnam

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