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Twas hot today, but not when I got up around five, long before the sun, and opened all the windows and doors.

The white bathtub in Nancy’s Spa is filled with water that was ice cold on Friday, but now is much tempered, ready for a

I watered the plateau garden yesterday, so I didn’t do it again. Instead I went down to grandmas cottage.

I walked slowly around Tri Aqua Car trail to gather some groups of carex inflorence stems and make bouquets for decoration.

I screwed the wooden carved signs to stakes and planted them on the island and here and there.

The signs down there now include, the marshwoods, teardrop point, the moat, triAqua car Trail, picnic overlook, crater island, grandmas cottage, reflecting pond, Alder mound, and aspen mound.

Afterwards, I picked all the peas which are ripe at the moment, and swam in the moat, which is like a quiet river, before and after.

I weeded the squash, bean and other plants that are growing on the edge of the island. It’s so nice to swim in the moat. The water is so warm. The top foot is amazing! Like Georgia! But down below his cooler, so every time I swim I mix the water from down below with the water above.Then, by the time I have swim all the way around, the water is warm as a top again. It’s so cool. I just love the water in there. There are large pools at teardrop point and at MarshwoodCorner.

I went to the dump three times and got some very nice deck furniture with cushions.

This long deck is now named the treehouse deck as it’s in the trees. My two daughters and their families had a nice visit. We went for a walk to the other end of Observatory Hilli haven’t wanked up in hilli in ages.

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